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Are you honest in answering the questions asked by the questioner in musing?

YES. I have and will always be honest when answering the questions asked on Musing. Why should I be dishonest if I am not wicked? It would mean giving wrong answers to people. I might just as well be misleading them which is totally wrong.

I give my answers to the best of my knowledge, truthfully. I skip any question(s) when I don't have answers to the question because I do not want to be dishonest in my answers.

I don't even attempt a question I am not completely sure of. I do not want to mislead the questioner by giving a dishonest(wrong) answer. 

So, YES, I am always honest in answering questions asked on Musing.


I choose the quetions based on what kind answer that I can offer to it. And I'm totally honest on my answers to the questions that I feel like answering, and if I don't then I'd skip it.

Mainly becasue I find it easier to answer a question truthfully. To make up one would take more energy than by simply letting my thoughts out and express my opinion about the topic.

Take this as an experiment, you may look for a question that you're not familiar with and totally make up an opinion about. I bet that it's not gonna be easy for you and you will also loose the creativity on your answer.

But if you choose a question that totally relates to you and answer it whole heartedly, then you will have better from it for sure.


For subjective questions and/or questions that are asking for any opinions, thoughts and even advice, I try my very best to be honest (and still respectful) in my answers. XD

Case in point would probably my views about curation and the focus of many on "high-quality" contents on Steem. 

I really believe that this is not what Steem needs and should focus into as only a few people enjoy and can write or blog. I know some people don't agree with me on this and even hate me for always pushing that idea but I stand firm on this one. 

When giving examples, I usually tend to make myself as an example. Either my personal experience or something that I totally have tested and or used before such as when giving recommendations or introducing some Steem Tools on my answers. 

Whenever I'm not sure about a question but feels that my answer would still make the questioner get a general idea, then I still share it with a little disclaimer that says "I'm not sure on this" So yeah! I think I am honest in giving answers here! XD 


Yes!. I have always been honest when providing answers to people questions on Musing and it is really helping me a lot. The fact is that when you answer questions you know, you will be able to write more about it which adds more to the quality of your post.

You just have to be real when answering questions on musing. Staying real and honest when answering questions is one of the best keys to earn cool upvotes from musing. You just have to answer questions you know and avoid plagiarism.

If I sometimes find a question very difficult to answer I mostly leave such questions because I don't want to mislead people with false answers. The best thing I can do is to make deep research about the question, after getting the answers I will type the answers in my own format in a well explicit manner which is summarized and comprehensive for easy understanding to the questioner. This implies that I am also able to add more to my knowledge by doing this and I am also able to answer the question.

I believe in providing answers to questions you can answer very well because you can't give what you don't have. I am always able to type long texts because I love answering questions I am knowledgeable about and this act is really helping me on this platform. There are thousands of questions here that needs to be answered. Don't be too greedy for the money but strive to be a person of value whom will impact the platform with good quality answers.

In conclusion, I have been providing most answers from my brain and I am very honest with them because I can never give what I don't have. I also hate to mislead people by posting answers to questions I can't answers. Staying honest and true to myself when providing answers to questions has added more to my success on this great platform.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Always 100% honest.

I mean, it's not like I lose something by being honest, and if I wanna hide something then I can just abstain from answering the question all together.

Unless, by not being honest you mean that some People would be inventing stories just to give an interesting personal answer.

Yeah, that's dumb.

Don't do that, you guys.

I'm super cereal.


As of till now I have tried to give the best possible outcome and answer in every question that I was able to answer in Musing. 

While there might be different feelings or we all have different opinions compared to the person who have asked the question but I always  give try giving valid points and the best possible scenarios in my answers.  By logic and by the circumstances I mean.

So in my point of view I have done the best and I will continue to do so in the coming days as well.


I think to answer effectively on musing, all you need is be honest...

Musing is about answering the questions asked in most candid and honest way. The moment you start lying or feigning the quality of your answers drops.

So yes, I always give my best shot to the questions answered to me.


Most questions I attend to are questions I know I can answer probably from experience or knowledge I got from books. The answers might not fully be right or covers all fact but gives a concern to the question to be looked upon.

I don't hope deceive an individual with wrong details that may not make an impact on him and that's why most times I skip questions I know nothing or just little about to add anything meaningful.

I respect value,this alone is enough to be genuine in answering questions


I without restraint give my honest answer to questions asked. I don't try to answer questions I don't have an idea about. Sometimes I might not know all facts about the subject but I try to answer to the best of knowledge.

Answering questions on musing to me should be honest because sometimes some person might be needing the right answer to apply in their personal life or circumstances.