What are the benefits of consuming tomatoes for health?

 I did a project on tomatoes in my third year in the university, and I deem it a great opportunity to share with you few  merits that come with the consumption of tomatoes. 

  • The seeds of tomatoes possess certain gel which prevents the blood clotting and becoming sticky. Also, it is regularly recommended by health professionals as a natural aspirin alternative.
  • The damaging effects that the habit of smoking brings such as increase in blood clotting can be minimized by regularly consuming the  tomatoes.
  • The intake of tomatoes aid in regulating the level of cholesterol in the human body, and also helps with the maintenance of a good circulation of blood through the body and also maintains a good blood pressure.
  • Tomato are very rich nutrient sources. Nutrients and minerals such as Vitamins, Calcium and the antioxidant,Lycopene, can be obtained from eating tomatoes. The body needs these nutrients in addition to others to function properly. Lycopene aids in the fight against carcinogenic substances (substances that causes cancer).



For me personally, a lot of it depends on if you are a guy or a girl.  I used to hate tomatoes.  They really still are not my favorite to eat unless there is some lettuce and bacon with them.  For men they are supposed to have health benefits for your prostate though, so that is the main reason I try to eat more of them than I used to.

If I am able to mix them in with things then that is even better.  Omelettes, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, things like that.  I can totally eat a ton of them.  

Additionally, they have a lot of vitamins in them that your body needs.  Likely more than you would find in other ways.


Tomatoes Are known to contain a type of powerful antioxidant called Lycopene in large quantities, which is a substance that makes red in this fruit. Not only that, Tomato fruit has also been shown to contain a compound called alpha lipoic acid, which is useful in helping control glucose in the blood, increasing vasodilation and protect against retinopathy in diabetic patients, and can even help preserve the brain and nerve tissue.

Nutrition compounds which are also found in tomatoes including choline, are important nutrients that help sleep, function of muscle movement, learning, and memory function. Choline also helps to maintain cell membrane structure, helps transmit nerve impulses, helps absorb fat, and reduces chronic inflammation.