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What can we do to make Steem more valuable?
In the last months, I noticed that Steemit and all other platforms using the Steem Blockchain are lacking of really good content. You see the issue with this is, if we do not provide really high-quality content on the Steem Blockchain, the price will not rise nor will be the blockchain successful in a longterm view. A lot of people are addressing this issue in their blog posts, but nearly nobody managed to find a suitable solution. We situation is clear: With postings about flowers and food we do not attract new users to the platform. The question I want to ask relating this topic: How can we change this and make the Steem Blockchain the most valuable Blockchain in the near future? Thanks for your answers! :)


I think everyone is preeti much upset for the current value lost of steem! But it is normal the price is not so much steem related it is more related to the crypto market then the steem market. So when the crypto market will go up the steem market will also go high for sure! Because steem is also a crypto coin. And its on the crypto market already before many times ago.

So don't be upset keep calm the price will go high again. You should just write quality contents and invite newbies to this platform to make this platform more valuable and Great. And don't promote unqualified posts or blogs just make quality contents to get noticed to the community. And keep calm to get high peice of steem!


The current lost in value is more market related than Steem related, the best thing you can do is either, help develop if you have any technical skills or invite your friends and family into the platform to increase our userbase!

Being an active member of the community also helps out, guiding newbies to increase our retention rate and cheer leading the dev team every once in a while when they post is not a bad idea either :-P

Big updates are coming to Steem in the next few months and we can expect a lot of price movements towards the green hopefully :-D


My 2c on what best to do:

1) Improve the marketing for the Steem environment in other channels and media, the Steemit logo needs to be more present on other sites (like the reddit, telegram or linkdin logos)

2) To leverage this, it would be beneficial to create some incentivization for doing marketing for Steemit, e.g. by giving some delegation or Steem to people who bring new users to the platform (of course only real users who do some regular posting), or to incentivize sites that apply the Steemit logo. Money is there (as seen by the huge delegation to musing.io!)

3) New users need to be much more supported. Often they get some good rewards on the "introduceyourself" post, but then their visibility and rewards are 0. Of course many leave as a consequence. So curators need to pay attention to the follow up posts of those newbies. Also it shouldn´t be that difficult to program a bot (with some human oversight) to take care about this. This should be a standing task of the witnesses, they get payed for it.

4) On the long run it should be thought about the massive misuse of buying votes which derails the quality of the content and perverts the curation idea (If 50% of votes are bought and not given for decent content, then we can´t speak any longer about "proof of brain" but "proof of power"). If you can´t get into the "trending" pages without advertisment, then there is a serious flaw. So why not introduce a limit for buying upvotes? People with high SP would then be forced to manually vote more instead of randomly sell their VP.

5) I also would release the limit of upvotes possible only within 7 days. Wouldn´t it be technically possible to have an initial payout after 7 days, but keep the voting open and do then additional payouts e.g. monthly?

6) And last not least, the steemit frontend needs to get improved by more filtering options, search functions to retrieve old posts and a chat function. Also to have more than 5 tags would be helpful.

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I think voting quality post and also supporting curation project will make the steem block chain grow faster and better because the people already on it will be inspired to invite their friends to join....


Personally right now I think quality of content posted on the blockchain doesn't really matter that much when it comes to the price of Steem. Sure it's annoying and highly disappointing to see thrashy posts and some one pic photography posts sitting on "Hot" and "Trending" boosted by bid bots, but those very same people have invested big chunk of money on Steem years ago which overall increased the price of Steem to now barely a dollar (from a few cents years ago).

What Steem needs right now to make it more valuable is to increase its user retention. A lot of newbies left the platform after less than a week of being on it. Why? Because no matter how exceptional or decent their content is, no one will upvote or support a total random newbie on the blockchain. People who have large stakes on this platform and even Steemit Inc should first do something about this issue because we are clearly losing this battle. 

More people on the blockchain = More word about it = More investors for the blockchain 

Second thing is Marketing.  I have been on this platform for over 7months now and I have seen no marketing so far by the Steemit Inc team (correct me if I'm wrong on this one). How would Steem get more investors if no one will ever hear about it? 


Definitely post quality content, promote Steem, the blockchain and of course invest in Steem, the token. 


As a cryptocurrency investor and a lover of cryptocurrency. I think steem coin should be more involved in more natural and realistic state. For example newbies on Steemit should be followed up strictly immediatley they sign up on steemit and them compensated with some token of steem or steem power. This will make th more happy to creat more awareness making more persons involved in Steemit platform thereby raising up the demand of steem.

Now a new idea just flew into me, "why not bring up news updates from steem platform, then ask individuals to share the news updates on their different social media platforms with the steem link and logo embedded on this news updates. Then people will received some amount of steem for sharing and commenting on news updates powered by steem.


The best answer other than to buy and hold is for the platform to continue to attract the best and brightest developers to create products and service like Steem Monsters as just one example that attract people to this platform and make people want to use it as part of their everyday lives to promote the platform and to promote the Steem cryptocurrency which is connected to this. Steemit needs to become one of the most popular sites out there and be constantly gaining new users and eventually you will see the prices rise.


from my personal observation i realized that the steem price dropping is not really a steem problem but a general cryptocurrency market and i noticed that whenever the bitcoin price is dropping then majority of other cryptocurrencies tend to follow it and drop too so that is why cryptocurrency investors need to believe in the market and keep investing to make the demands increase and when the demand is consistent then the prices of many cryptocurrencies including steem will keep rising..


get rid of downvoting and allow big companies to keep advertising accounts


One way to add value to a Crypto Currency is to accept it as a payment method.

A other way to add value is to develop apps. For example Musing.io or DLive are adding a lot of value to the steem Blockchain.

It does also help if ou talk about steemit with your friends or family. The more people use steem the more value it does have.