Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us?

I don't think it's neccesarily bad. Like most things on earth it has its good sides and it also has its bad sides, you know. There are good things you can do with it and there are also ways by which you can abuse it and cause terrible things for your health.

For every good thing you can do with social media there is a corollary of bad things that follow. I'll list some of them below.

For example among some good things you can do with the internet is monetize your time and intellect. Sort of like we do here on musing and on steem as a whole. I don't think thats a bad thing by any means is it?

But then we have people getting obsessed, or people coming over with malicious intents wanting to rip people off or rig the system in a way or another. That is unequivocally bad.

Social media can also make you be a better or less genuine version of yourself. It may simply be a case of imitation or wanting to spice up your live and reinvent yourself, the internet gives us the opportunity to have that clean slate.

Sadly this is also another way by which the internet can be bad and abused. Most people will seize this opportunity to do good while others may use it to post filtered version of themselves- -posing with cars they don't own or giving themselves physical appearances they don't have or copying quotes and showcasing knowledge they don't have.

The internet also helps us to escape our boring lives. We get to meet new people, sitting in the comfort of our houses, enjoying the benefits of relating with people whom you might not even have the chance to otherwise.

But then people abuse the opportunity and run internet scams and everything.

But I wouldnt he q good netizen if I don't stress that Social media isn't half bad. I've had such good experiences here and even amidst the bad bloods and negative energy, spending time on here can be extremely productive. So long as you have a tangible reason to be here; you'll get to have a tangible reward for it.

I'll never stop praising and regarding steemit.com or musing.io (the steem blockchain as a whole) as the very pinnacle of social media. Places where you can spend your time and not only gain valuable knowledge but also earn real cash and have great fun at the same time!


That said, sometimes we do have to disconnect a while to keep our sanity. This is totally understandable and even advisable.

It's always good to relate with real life people sometimes. To go out, take a walk, go swimming. Take programming lessons, find something that would keep you occupied, this way you won't have to feel the urge to go back too deeply.

Cheers and have a nice day!


I dont think that social media is inherently 'bad' for us, but it can be very damaging depending on how we use it. If we are just using it solely for the purpose of keeping in touch with friends and family around the world (like it was intially intended) then that isnt a bad thing - and can actually help us keep better relationships with those who are far away from us.

However, social media has more and more become a 'narrcacists playground' where people feel the need to share their 'best self' such as travel photos, family photos etc and sharing the 'perfect' life. This can lead some to depression as they see everyones 'curated' life and wonder why there life isnt perfect. In reality we all have stuff to deal with and no one has the perfect life.

There is also the fact that Facebook worked essentially like a slotmachine now with the endless feed - each time we keep scrolling looking for that next 'like' or comment, and thus the next hit of dopamine that keeps us coming back for more!

Overall I think that using social media is fine but it is becoming more and more seductive as competition for our attention increases

Not necessarily and not always. Social Media Networks are not like any other websites or network. They are strong and powerful tools that works as the community or individual users wants it to work.

Now every single invention modern era has brought us always has a darker side to it. And this generations one of the most important invention would be Social medias. It is defining the era we are living in now because 90% wars are happening in social media. Who new conflicts can also be in someway peaceful..

Why would Social Media Networks define the era we are living In now? if you ask than its because of The latest reformation of social media, one based on a blockchain. Imagine a world where you evere single and little opinion you have and express if it has context and adds value to the betterment of the society you will be rewarded. With steemit that is what we are going to achieve. Now spending time on that kind of productive social network if you don't manipulate, it will never be bad. Of course there will be others who seeks to use it to serve their selfish agendas but it would nt matter.. What we do matters collectively. See how people are raising charity with Facebook, delivering instant news with Twitter, Collecting millions of dollers for cancer foundation useing reddit or 4chan..

And there are also pedophiles, identify thieves, cyber bullies roam on sociall media. Their sole purpose is to do harm to others. But as I said before that isn't the social medias fault.. So its not always bad. if the usage is productive and noble in nature.

Well it depends on which way a person is spending the time on.

For instance social Media can be used in several ways 

  • Making connections with Friends & Family
  • An earning opportunity 
  • Sharing thoughts with others
  • Learning 

and many more positive aspects it can be used 

While if a person just wants to be there with the motive of wasting time over any social media than it is completely up that user. As a matter of fact many lives have been changed by the usage of social media and it can happen to us as well by the proper usage of it. 

So at the end point it all depends on us how we get to use it.

Depends. There is a thing called "self-control" and "too much"

As long as you are not 24/7 on Social Media (assuming that is not your job) and is also spending some time with interacting with other people outside and going for an exercise once in a while, then spending time on social media ain't that bad.

It actually helps people more to open up to their emotions. People tend to be submissive on public but are more vocal in social media. Social Media are a great outlet for this kind of people.
It all depends on the user, if we use social media by reading useful articles in life, technology and others it gives you a reasonably wide knowledge motivation .. and if we use social media only for useless. of course that's a big loss