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Which book do you think has biggest impact on your life?
We all have read books that have some impact on our lives. Which one do you think has the biggest impact on your life?

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There are many books which make an impact in our life but for shorter duration, the enthusiasm dies when we move on with our daily routine or with a new habit. There are certain authors who leave a lasting impact. I can reveal few books which I truly feel worthy spending time to read them and yes they definitely made an impact

Wings of Fire: I'm not a big fan of biographies but this book is something special to me. It is a book by APJ Abdul Kalam about his life(an autobiography). It depicts his early life which started in remote coastal town in Southern India and how he progressed through his career in teaching, space research, missiles, nuclear test, security advisor to the PM and eventually the president of India. 

This book mainly speaks about this early life, his learning, setback, his simple yet humble background etc. It doesn't speak much about his career as president(there is an another book for that) but it gives lot of insights into his life and motivation. 

Books by Edward de bono: It would be a crime to mention just one book by Edward de bono hence I just wrote in generic terms :) His books made a big impact on my life. It helped me to understand about how others will perceive us, how to think differently, how to organise our thoughts and actions.

Out of his many books I have read How to Have A Beautiful Mind, Lateral Thinking - An Introduction and Six Thinking Hats.  You can pick any of this latest books then you see some overlapping concepts on lateral thinking or six thinking hats. He has portrayed thinking habits beautifully and it is easy to understand. I'd recommend you to check How to Have A Beautiful Mind.

The next book which I wanted to read but don't find enough time is The Secret, I have even purchased it but it is just lying around. I heard that it is good and motivational but i'm yet to read it. I'd let you know how it was after completing it.


It is quite difficult to pick just one title. I have been reading books from childhood. Both my parents, grandparents and aunts were great readers and so, reading a book was like as important as eating food daily. 

My dad had shelves of books and sometimes, people would lend books and never return it. My borthers and I used to collect comics and magazines like tinkle and bound them. They are now like treasures to me. 

If I were to pick one, I would say that Reader's Digest collection has influenced me a lot. My dad had bound issues from 1960 onwards and I still have a few left. I read and reread some issues and have stored them safely. 

The old issues reflect the class of the print media in those days. Unfortunately, it is now more of an ad driven universe. 

As for books on philosophy and such I have read 'The autobiography of a yogi' and it has impressed me and so have books by Sri M. 


There are a few books that I have found too have had a significant influence on my life. I would like to mention some of the books I have read and how they have influences my views. 

  1. The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous
  2. The Secret
  3. Revelations
  4. John

I have not finished The Bitcoin Standard yet, but it has learned me more than I ever expected. Safedean explain what money is for most of the book and goes into what makes money work well.

Many things are affected by the medium of exchange a society uses. The harder the money the more flourishing the society experiences.

Better art, food, investments, morals, health and less war.

The Secret taught me that most of the ideas in this book is copied from the bible and that the new age is very popular and destructive.

Revelations was the book I have looked at the longest in my life. It's interpretation for myself has changed so often and the book still provides me satisfaction.

The Gospel Of John is my favorite book of all time I have memorized large portions of the book and my favorite verse in any book is in this book.


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I have read so many interesting books but the bible which really made the greatest impacts on my life is the book titled

"The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin"....

This lovely book has really done a major impact on me and it also literally changed my life... the book taught me how to really shape my personality,it taught me how to actually develop good habits, it revealed to me the secrets of how most smart and the successful people often behave, it taught me how to actually develop some good connections with people....the book taught me the power of "perseverance"and it taught me the power of self-confidence.....

All that helped me to change my life positively and become a great person....


**The Quran Majeed**

This book has greatest impact on my life than any other book I understood after reading.

The first LINE of Quran is “ALHAMDOLILLAHI RABBIL AALMEEN”. It means that Rab (ALLLAH) sent this book for AALMEEN (whole world people) and not for muslims alone.

It is the first and last most important book in Islamic history that are brought by our beloved last messenger PROPHET MOHAMMAD before 1435 years (approx). Many of non-muslims and muslims don’t know how this book of ALMIGHTY ALLAH SUBHAN-W-TALA brought on this planet. In Enjeel it has been declared already that one prophet will be sent by ALLAH TALA named AHMAD (other name of PROPHET MOHAMMAD) and ALLAH TALA will say his words through the mouth of PROPHET MOHAMMAD. In the month of RAMJAN all 30 parts of QURAN were told by PROPHET MOHAMMAD.

In one sentence Quran is the book for RULE OF LIFE.

In short I will write the most important qualities of Quran that have largest impact in my day to day life.

5 times NAMAZ with body exercise provides mental peace and healthy living. Namaz’s steps was seen by prophet MOHAMMAD in JANNAT at the time of MEERAJ (meeting with ALLAH TALA).

30 days fasting gives the strong power of nerves control, feeling of other’s hunger, increase body resistance, give rest to digestive system , give better tests of water food and last but not least give most purest reward by ALLAH TALA after KAYAMAT and it (REWARD) is only known to ALLAH TALA.

FITRA is declared in the month of RAMJAN to help poor and it is most compulsory for every muslim.

ZAKAT 2.5% gives the direct help to poor without any system corruption.

Never take interest from a person.

Never drink and never gamble.

HAjj is the largest people collection of the world at one place. It is just a teller of LIFE AFTER KAYAMAT where human wrong/right balance sheet will be checked to offer JANNAT OR JAHANNUM. In current life it discharge the compulsory life time financial expenditure of HAJI which boost the yearly economy at largest scale.

Always be honest and never forget to return back the taken money or advantage from others.

There are much more to say about this book but it is not possible here in one essay.


The book that changed my life was the "Bible". If you are going to read it by yourself it maybe hard for some text to understand. Another book that made me understand the Bible clearly is with the help of another book "What Does The Bible Really Teach?" It was published by Jehovah's Witnesses. For the passed century they're not stopping studying the Bible and what does it really teach. For the second book I'd mentioned, it could answer major questions that relates to all people. It could answer questions like "What is the truth abou God?", "What is God's purpose for the earth?", "Who is Jesus Christ?", "Where are the dead?", "Are we living in the last days?", "Why does God allow suffering?", and a lot more. It's easier to understand reading the book "What Does The Bible Really Teach" if you're going to read it together with the Bible. It has some explanations in which it will tell you where in the Bible you can find it. The best way to learn about the Bible is if someone who is more knowledgable will teach you. On the website https://www.jw.org you can read the Bible online, you can also download and install the app so that you can also download the Bible as well as the other book I've mentioned and a lot more books and magazines. You can download any of those for free, there's also some videos which is very useful in our everyday lives. The best of all, you can also request on the website for a free Bible study on the comfort of your own home. Everything is for free. It changed my life and for sure it could also change yours. It's available worldwide on different languages. Again here's the link, https://www.jw.org

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 The Nag hammadi library, that book changed my life completely into a roller-coaster. And only because of one line of the book, search for the truth and live by it.
Well that brought me on a path where i stood against family members, friends,and who ever who had a different truth then what i found out! On the end, im glad i did, it's like a woke up after a long sleep! 


There have been many books that have had a great influence in me and my desire to pursue academic, profesional, personal, family, and spiritual enlightenment. If I had to mention one single book, the one that started it all, it would be Argentinian writer, José Ingenieros's El Hombre Mediocre (1913). The mediocre man is a book I ran into when I was a teenager. I was probably 13 or 14, no idea how that tiny book made it into our small library (that was basically one bookcase). It was the first book that challenged my intelligence and I promised myself I would get to understand it.

The first time I tried to read this book I could not pass page 3. I had highlighted so many unknown words in every page that I got very frustrated at my inability to get the full literal meaning, let alone other meanings implied. We did not have a good dictionary and personal computers and the internet were far from being a reality.

The book stuck in my mind, its premise, its title. I felt it was important and I decided that I would revisit it some time later. That time came when I was about to finish High School. We had read some venezuelan novels by Romulo Gallegos and Arturo Uslar Pietri (the language was very accessible), but we had also read fragments of some classics such as the Illiad. I knew there were other kids my age (16, 17) in other parts of the world reading more than we were. I knew we could do better and I felt mediocre.

I got a good dictionary from the public library and went back to that tiny book and read it twice in a cuple of month. It was illuminating. I felt my brain was about to explode. Some of my friends wanted to unfriend me because I did not want to go out todo what they were doing and was talking all the time about a new word or concept I had learned from the book.

I had officially become a nerd and I was about to lose my friends. I did not care that much. The book was compelling enough. It was a revelation to see how Ingenieros divided men in roughly 3 groups: inferior, mediocre and idealist. Most of us were mediocre, imitators, "shodows projected by society", some were inferior, so inept that they were uncable of even mimicking and were utterly unadapted to society's basic rules.

The ideal man was the idealist, who could be able to understand the infinite possibilities of his imagination and intellect and to question anything that forced him to conform, to accomodate, to accept blindly and to follow. At age 17 such notions were very radical and I experienced a dramatic change in terms of how I conceived my culture, the world and my place in it. I was already a book lover, but I understood then that reading alone was not going to be enough and that reading just about anything, especially what most people read was even more dangerous.



A book by Jack Canfield titled "How to get from where you are to where you want to be" and the second is "Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter" these two books have impacted on me in their different ways .

**How to get from where you are to where you want to be**

Review: In his book, jack Canfield stated 25 principles to be successful, the first is taking 100% responsibility of whatever happen to an individual, he highlighted various important principle that has made many people stagnant in pursue of their goals and provided solutions as well as practical examples for one to get a clearer picture of it. His book became one of the most sold books in America in the space of few months because of it impacts.

**Rich Dad poor Dad**

Review: Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter" advocates the importance of financial literacy, financial independence and building wealth through investing in assets, starting owns business, real estate as well as building financial Intelligence. He highlighted the fact that education isn't all the factor required for an individual to be successful. Business intelligence is enough to change a man's life around.

It's do be nice if you check out these books if you haven't already.


The Bible!

Even though I classify myself as an agnostic now, I did spent 6 years of my elementary days in a catholic school where we were taught some parts of the bible. Subconsciously, I think this made me a good, kind and a very calm person (as what most people would often describe me). :)


The book that had the biggest impact on my life is the selfish gene by richard dawkins. It takes from evolutionary bilogy, as dawkins himself is a biologist, and talks about human behavior from the angle of evolution. I have always been intrigued about human behavior and what causes us to behave in the way we do, and take decisions in life. That book definitely helped me understand human behavior quite a lot and surely has been very accurate. If you're looking for a good book to read, i recommend it. And if you've already read it, then i hope you share the same feeling. I would have wanted to write more about the book but don't want to spoil it for anyone.


The alchemist written by Paolo Coehlo

So inspiring and makes you see life from a different angle. Literally life changing for me