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Do you still work from 9 to 5 if you are able to generate and earn money online or Steem blockchain even more than the office work routine that you are working on now?

Yes I would because regardless of how tempting the money I get from steemit is, everything is still subject to the price of steem and SBD so if there's a major price drop then my earnings would experience a major drop as well.

I've always seen steemit as a way of life, but I'll never put all my eggs in one basket, that would simply be foolish if you ask me. Aside from that, what you earn on steemit is a function of what you get from upvotes so if the people that are upvoting your posts suddenly wake up one day and decide that they won't do it anymore, you're basically back to ground zero.

There's just too much at stake to have my income solely dependent on steemit. It's a different thing entirely if I'm a witness and I don't have to depend on people's upvotes to get paid, but as a normal user, it's simply not practical to depend on only steemit to pay my bills.

At the moment I depend on steemit for alot of things and seeing as I haven't gone for my NYSC(National Youth Service, without it I can't legally get a job in Nigeria as a graduate) it's one of my major sources of income, but not my only one. A 9-5 has its own uncertainties but I think combining the two would be a better decision than just depending on steemit.

I hope this helps.


Well to be honest for a year and 5 months now Steemit has been a champion for me. It feels like I am working at home, doing some blogs and participating in a lot of dApps that made me generate some income. I haven't been employed for that long because Steem has been a champion in providing my needs. Of course, I'm an all time Steemian and most of the time I spend my time on Steeming, learning new stuff in the platform, posting blogs, and most especially exploring more dApps.

So yes, you can earn in Steemit as much as you earn in your company (On average) and be able to use those earnings to provide your needs. Right now, it seems that Steem is still not capable of helping such considering the low price of Steem. But as of the moment, we're like investors of the platform. We can say half of our earnings, we invested it in the form of vest and waiting for the Steem to go bull run again.

Its the best time to accumulate. The best time of the year actually! When people start to realize that Steem is a big potential to incentivize social media, I can say it will be beneficial for us to as stake holders.

Again, I am all-time Steemian. No work and haven't participated on other work other than some businesses offline. I'm thankful because Steem has been a champion ever since it was introduced to me.


No. I don't. Started working fulltime on Steem since 1st October 2018, although the money is a little loose due to the crypto markets. But I am trying to survive only on STEEM and a few gimmicks here and there. I have never powered down. I take maximum liquid funds out and re-invest in little amounts whenever get the chance. 

It didn't happen in one day. I built it in the past one year. Luckily I got the chance to get involved deeply in @Steem-Ambassador and @Oracle-D communities.  So, fulltime creating content on Steem and not going to office. I sleep at 5 AM in the morning and wake up at 11AM. The only reason why I miss the office is because it made me workout a little bit. But for now, my desk at home is my office. It's fun and boring at the same time! ;)

Note: Question in the "blog's title" was asked on @musing. And above^ is my answer.


I am going to answer this question with a straight No. And before I provide an explanation I would like to clarify that this is my personal opinion on the subject.

The first reason being that the 9-5 Job allowed me to grow and develop certain skills, Which I honestly think that I wouldn't be bother checking if I were to work online. Working in a corporate world teaches you a lot of things and about being professional on your approach and attitude. So in a way I can say that this 9-5 job has challenged me to explore certain aspects of myself. And again this is my personal opinion and I may have different opinion if I was working somewhere.

The second point is the reason for me being on steemit. I joined steemit for writing and learn about writing. And that platform has helped me a a very big way and as I started spending more time on steemit I started loving and enjoying it more. Now here is the catch, The steemit is a place for me to relax and I would let me imagination run free and do whatever I want. If this were to be my main and only source of Income I would treat this as a work and less like a passion. That would be a buzzkill. And slowly you would lose the interest. I wouldn't want that.

PS; I am not saying that money doesn't matter, But it matter less before your happiness ;-)


Definitely No.

A 9 - 5 job is not only buying my skills/expertise but also my time. That is 8 hours giving to someone else in which i will do almost anything they want me to do. 8 hours out of 24 hours is 1/3 of your day. For me, that is close to slavery.

However, It will be foolish to depend totally on the income from steem blockchain to survive whether the market is up or down. One thing I have come to realize about online business/investment is they can take you so high and smash you to the ground somehow.

It is also not so wise to be working close to one third of your life for meagre called salary or wages. 9 - 5 jobs don't come with one hundred percent guarante too as they can cut you loose anything. It has happened to many people I know.

I will definitely leave my 9 - 5 if I am generating enough money to comfortably cover my expenses. But I will not be leaving for or because of steem. I will be leaving it because I have opened some other sources of income.

So I will open up more streams of incomes with the earnings from my 9 - 5 job and my steem income. Once my other sources are flowing well to cater for my needs, then I can safely sack my boss.

That way I will have more income and more time to take of my businesses/investments without someone breathing down my neck. Also my earning from steem blockchain will not define my financial stability but complement it.

I do hope someone find some wisdom here.


The answer is no, I don't think it's worth it to trade my time for any cash if I can be able to earn money through blockchain. I would be more worth to do something else to be able to diversify and increase my earning streams of income. Working for someone is important when we are just starting out in our life as it can teach us how to manage our life and time in a more organized manner.


Yes. I think you have to look at Steem as an extra income for now.

I wouldn't stop my 9 to 5 job as you could power up your Steem earnings and grow even bigger. That would be the smart thing to do. Steem prices fluctuate as it is a crypto currency so why put pressure on your account.

You are obviously doing well and have a large enough amount of SP to live off then each month you would be investing a decent percentage into powering up. For every month you did this you would be in a stronger position and the longer you did that the better. 



For a while :-)

I would keep working for a while, and have a double income. This would allow me to save a part for a rainy day, and it would allow me to invest into other things that could possibly and hopefully make the new income more stable, and simply, more!


This depends completely on what your 9-5 job is.  Unfortunately in the world we live in, most companies are completely profit driven and are slowly destroying the world and degrading the self worth of their employees.  if you work for one of these companies, do whatever you have to do to quit now, regardless of your side hustle.

Life is about more than making money.  we've all got to eat, but if you're working for bayer/monsanto just to be able to go to the bar every night and afford a big television and new cellphone, you are literally killing us all.  Working for yourself online or in the meatworld is the best option because you can choose what your efforts support.  but if your 9-5 is spent working for a responsible company that puts life over profits then just do what you feel man.  


I'm already stuck in an alternate reality where I work when I need to..

for instance:

I run a team in Sri Lanka so I am up from 11 pm til 2 or 3 am coordinating that. then if needed in the office noon or 1 pm til end-day..

then I do side gigs doing sound and lights for comedy shows in the Toronto Improv scene.

And produce a comedy show (these things pay nothing, break even or make a coupla bux)

If I made more from Steem I'd probably still work though.. but maybe find passion projects instead of workyWork