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What skill do you want to master if you have to choose one skill that will really help your career in the future?
A skill that absolutely will help you improve your abilities and greatly influence the future and help you to be financially free.

The all encompassing aspect of every successful person in this world. Communication skills.

Words are powerful. There are very few limitations to what can conceivably be achieved through the use of words. 

Improving communication skills, is something that no one should consider as a complete task. We must continually improve upon the ability to communicate with others. We live in a competitive world. Communication is key. 


Well, I'd like to learn trading. I mean both forex and cryptotrading. I'm from a country where employment is really hard to come by. Even if I were to graduate with a perfect GPA, there's no guarantee I'd get a job. So why not learn a skill that can earn me good money while I'm at home. I was inspired by my neighbor's brother. He found himself in the situation i just described and he was distraught because he couldn't get a job so he turned to trading and he's doing really well for himself. I'd like that for myself one day.

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