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What is the major benefit from hardfork 20 on steemit?

I'll be stating categorically my own opinion about the HF20, I'll say it didn't go well at first after @steemitblog announce the successful completion of the HF20, However I'll not bore you with the technical detail and say that it later turned out to be a blessing in disguse

However I think the biggest benefit of the HF20 is the introduction of the RESOURCES CREDIT; so many spam accounts are being created in order to steal people's account and take away their reward, however as a result of this RC introduction, without steempower, it will be difficult for a spammer to dupe people unless they're willing to pay in other dupe people which seems unlikely.

Also there will be reductions of spammy comments which according to @abh12345 has proved with his latest state on the reductions of spammy comments, by this the original engagement on the platform will be shown and the real engagers on steemit will be easy to notice.