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Do you believe that life is really unfair?

I think life is indifferent. It is neither fair or unfair. We perceive life as fair or unfair. 

Some things we think are unfair is plain bad luck. The universe doles out different abilities, challenges, and limitations randomly. Sometimes you'll get a favorable combination, a balanced combination, or an extremely unfavorable combination. This is no matter of fairness, merely random circumstance. One can sympathize with people who have received every disadvantage. However, these same people are often an inspiration when they overcome or work around their disadvantages to achieve. 

Some of what we think is unfair are other people. When we put ourselves into a situation where a desired outcome is somebody else's decision, we may think it unfair if the decision is unfavorable. Sometimes the decision truly is unfair. There is no getting around that most people operate on the basis of what is most favorable for themselves, what Economists call the rational actor. But, this is a person being unfair, not life. 

Ultimately, if life could be said to care, it would be extremely fair. Everybody who lives will eventually die. Everything in between is how we spend our time. We can spend it lamenting what we do not have, or enjoying those things we do have. 


To say that life is unfair, is quite unfair. People were created equal, Albert Einstein have 24 hours in a day, everyone have 24 hours in a day, everyone have 7 days a week. It's important to surround yourself with people who will uplift you, who will support you. Life is like a cycle of wheel spinning. There are times, you will be up, there are times you will be down. 

But there are people who came from really down, like a broken family, abusive parents etc. These people need assurance and love and support from people around them. People who have depression have the tendency to think negatively. You just got to have faith that life will get better. But you got to work for it. We have to live our lives, our own way, we can't compare our life with others, because, who knows how big their shoe are, how they walk, what are their troubles in life that we don't know. If we start appreciate the little things in our life, very little things like "my ride to work today was smooth, no red lights", "my lunch was served fast and fresh", or as simple as "I'm tired but hey, at least my bed was made by me in the morning, and my bed misses me". These little little things can really uplift one life one day at a time. You got to take things one day at a time.  And as time passes by, our life will improve.


I am tempted to believe life is unfair but no, I believe life is fair. Yes I Know most times life doesn't turn out how one has expected it to be or the outcome of many evil that happens around but again everything in life is held by principles, if you want to be rich-work hard, trust in God, be determined and never give up. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle- manage your hygiene properly, if you want war to end- love each other but then if you do the opposite, one face it consequence. Yes that's life principles. You gain exactly what you sow and the actions you take.

Life is fair, human makes it unfair. That's because most evil that happens are all human doctrines and principles, we incurred unto our self rules that put us in pain. If one get diagnosed of diabetes, it means he ate much content of sugar that he shouldn't have. If you keep failing exams, that's because you did not read harder.

One thing I have come to realize is that, life only pushes us forward and hard so that we can become stronger , if life wants to deal with fear in a man's life, it keeps bringing many incidents that could make an individual fear until he reach to a level where he no longer fear, so life only pushes an individual to become a better version and not to harm an individuals. Only our actions and mindset makes things seems unfair


Yes, I do. Life is really unfair.

Being born with multiple disabilities (or any kind of disability at all), and earning a low pension-like income (instead of a normal income) is really unfair.

Sometimes not being able to communicate in person properly due to Autism Spectrum Disorder, despite you really try is really unfair. Not being able to calculate in head, and learn math properly due to dyscalculia is really unfair. Being born with Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), and not being able to see your complete visual field (I have visual field defect) and colors properly (disorder of color vision due to having dyschromatopsia) (confusing the different colors and the different shades of the same color in some cases) (I mostly confusing red and green, but it is mainly depending on the shade of the color), and having myopia (nearsightedness or short-sightedness), and having the possibility of becoming blind anytime due to the fact that all of these visual impairments are because of the congenital Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), and there is no cure for any of it is really unfair. Not being able to live a normal life is really unfair.


Life is not really unfair, in my own honest opinion and I'm very optimistic about it.

Even though everyone don't really start life in a fair order, some are born rich while some are born poor but it doesn't mean that there are no equal chance for everyone to succeed in life. There is no guaranteed success for a person even if he/she was born wealthy because they didn't not really pursue being successful. 

On the other hand, there are people who weren't born entitled enough with a good head start, so called from "from rugs to riches." With enough perseverance and dedication, there are able to reach their goals. Let's just name the obvious person who did exactly what I mentioned, he is Jack Ma of Alibaba. With enough dedication and clear direction, he built one of the largest e-commerce empire and it surprising that his capital is just few dollars borrowed from his relatives.

So, you should embrace life and its challenges. Success is not entitlement because it's something that you need to pursue and achieve!


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From the perspective of the way that I have seen my life I do believe that "Life is Unfair" and this is also I believe that it never said it will be fair. 

We do go through various situations in our life and from those we get many kinds of good and bad experience while from them we could make proper usage of those knowledge and use them in our coming days so that we can avoid them in our future to lead the way without any defect (or at the least try to)

While some people are "lucky" as they get things from the parents or like them but the question that you asked is often asked by those who are hustling and are growing from from the bottom and they are trying to make a their way to the top. Well I believe people like us who are starting from the scratch learn more truth about real life and in a short period of time. Which really in a way is a very good thing and allows to value things once we get them.

Different people will have different perspective about life but is your self that decides how to play by it. Either you want to fall prey to it or get up and lead your way through it. 


Life is unfair when you let yourself be trampled ...

I think that many of us ended up living in a period in which they asked themselves this question, starting with myself. We let ourselves be trampled, we lose courage, and it's depressed!

The secret is to know how to react and learn to be independent. Others do not have more rights than you over life, especially in interpersonal relationships.

But, knowing that each of us would like to take as much of life as possible, it means that we are often tempted to take it from others. Anyone who presents himself as an easy target will therefore be continually trampled. We must react, assert our rights, and not think that we will abuse others. It is up to the "abused" to react, because the abusers will not hold back.

Abusers usually do not get out of this "abused" position because they are in need, and they hope that their loved ones will give them what they need, especially love, affection, loyalty. They do not dare to rebel lest the people to whom they project their needs move away. This is an incorrect thought: people who abuse you do so because they find easy emotional nutrition (and sometimes an easy wallet). By rebelling, and stopping to give unconditionally, to put these people in need. They are the ones who will pick you up. So you can create a new balance.

One way to break the deadlock is to ask yourself the following question: "What is happening to me to think that life is unfair to me?" In other words, "what needs I have that I can not satisfy? "

The questions that follow naturally are, "what can I do to make life no longer unjust to me," and "how can I meet my needs?" For me, the answer has always been to react, to take my courage with both hands, to solve my problems autonomously, and to make sure that no one tramples on me. And go take what I need without being too scrupulous (but respecting my conscience).


Life can actually never be fair. 

You begin acknowledging it as right on time as when you are in school. 

You see a kid coming to class in a vehicle, with both their folks going with him, while you stroll to class alone in light of the fact that your folks need to work and can't stand to invest their energy with you. Somebody will get all they wished on the grounds that they passed the exam and you would have aced to get just the straightforward "Congratz". 

Definitely, life is out of line. When you can't inspire water to drink, somebody is showering in milk(literally a few boneheads do that). 

You can't land a position when you are the gold medalist and somebody gets it in light of his dad's association. 

While a few people are attempting to bring home the bacon, some gripe in light of the fact that their supper menu does not contain meat. 

Life is out of line on such a large number of various dimensions. 

Everybody understands that sooner or later in their life. 

In any case, what everybody neglect to acknowledge is-Life is genuinely uncalled for to everybody. 

Life does not segregate between rich, poor, revolting, acclaimed, superstar and so on. 

That is troublesome for everybody to acknowledge on the grounds that the vast majority think having cash takes care of all the issue. It doesn't. 

Life is out of line. Life is capricious. Life is excellent.


Life is as it should be for you.

Some time ago a Zen master told me why some people have more luck than others.

When you do good things, you receive good things, it is karma, but by doing many good things, things that deserve merit, they accumulate in your life, you accumulate by calling them "water glasses".

When your life is good and everything is fine but you keep doing good things for others, you get water glasses, you keep accumulating until you can not anymore.

When you die and you still have cups of water for your good deeds, they are used in your next life, the good things you did and how you did them, your next life will enjoy your effort.

If now your life seems unfair, it is because in your past life you did nothing to generate more "water glasses".

You deserve the life you have, it is still a good person, life will reward you, if not, in your life after death, it will be more comfortable