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What do you look out for in a person before you consider him or her to be intelligent?

I'll answer your question but I would like to point out first that to be useful intelligence has to be combined with at least decent executive function (a person's ability to focus on a task and persist at it until completion). 

By definition, intelligence is the ability to handle complexity. Intelligent people have easy time grasping difficult concepts and situations. They will be able to work independently with little supervision. They usually have imagination and good analytical skills. If you put an intelligent person in charge of an operation, they will quickly grasp the essence of what goes on and come up with improvements to the processes they see around them. That said, there are differences between individuals having the same level of intelligence when it comes to creativity. Some more divergent thinkers than others. 

Intelligent is as intelligent does. To recognize intelligence, you have to see it in action. I wouldn't rely on how smart someone sounds or looks. You need to see what a person will do when faced with a problematic situation that takes brains to get out of.


Their ability to create and explore a sixth sense; Intelligent people are creative even when there are no options for creativity, there are some life situations that only come with a "yes" or "no" answer but intelligent people are always taking a step further in finding out why there won't be a third option, discover why and look for exploit a third option, this means maximizing the impossiblity of the sixth sense in order to succeed where there are definitely no option for success, intelligent people always discovers a loopholes in every situation they're the type of people who dare to look for more and they're very curious people too, so if a person tends to display these then they're definitely intelligent.

They think differently; This is the biggest characteristics and feature of an intelligent person. I use to know a classmate who never solves equations using the same formulae as the other student, he believed there must be will always be a different method, a different perspective through which everything in life can also be done, at first we thought it was the strange of the boy to always want to do things differently. But then he always did. He was always thinking in a different manner that made us wonder if the boy is actually normal, but it was too late that for usWhen you see a smart person check out how they think or perceive things, this will definitely help you.

They're problems solver; intelligent people loves challenges, they usually test the limitations of the things they can do. They naturally love to solve problems that asks the question "why" "how" and "when" they see challenges as an opportunity to excel as a chance to soar and add a gold star to their crust.


I try not to under or overestimate anyone's intellect. Some people will purposely hide their intellect, and some will try to seem smarter than they actually are. 

But I do appreciate intelligent people, and I am always on the lookout for someone I think I can have an intelligent conversation with. 

The first thing I look for, is eye contact, and this is not necessarily indicative of intelligence, but it's important to me nonetheless, and I'm of the mind that intelligence can be detected in the eye's as well. (some might not agree).

The next thing I pay attention to, is how the person communicates verbally. If he/she connects intelligent words, and explains elaborate musings very well and intricately, I will likely deduce that this person has a decent level of intelligence. 

Good question!


One thing I am looking is always the attitude. The sense of being humble despite of the extreme intelligence a person has. Normally, brilliant people don't need to boas how brilliant they are. Action speaks louder than words.

Another thought would be the ability to listen to everyone's opinion. For me, an intelligent person craves for ideas and knowledge before taking action. There's an even great saying "Correct a wise man and he will love you".

Lastly, compassionate. The ability to understand what is happening in the surrounding. The ability to feel what a person is feeling right now and do what's the best thing to do on the scenario.

If a person has those three, I can attest and love him/her for being intelligent. I will live by his examples.


Obviously, our actions sometimes says more about us than words. Thats a fact we shouldn't ignore. No matter how much we speak about ourselves, our actions will say it all. Naming someone intelligent can't be done by a daft, you need to be intelligent to spot an intelligent person.

Did you know that only a nonchalant person will care less about time? No intelligent person will dare play with time. This measures how productive a person is. An intelligent person will privatise his time and spend it wisely to achieve something reasonable. He sees time as a valuable asset that should never be played with.

Moreover, the set of people we move with speaks a lot about our being. Fools walks with fools while the wise walks with the likes. An intelligent person keeps friends they can learn from. They believe in adding to themselves. They seek knowledge at all cost because they believe they are not intelligent.They always want to improve themselves and that even makes them more intelligent. It doesn't matter how low you are to them,once they can gain from you, they associate with you at all cost.

Furthermore, you can sight an intelligent person through the way he spends. What are the things he spend on. How important are the things he purchases and what kind of people he spends for. An intelligent person won't spend lavishly even if he has in excess. He believes in reasonable approach to everything.

An intelligent person won't talk much. He listens. He gathers his points and vomits just a little. He would never brag of knowing something. He says less than necessary.

My Quote

Being intelligent is good,being wise in conjunction is better, because an intelligent fool will always miss the road at the end.


Being gorgeous positively causes you get saw, yet on the off chance that you don't have whatever else to offer, you will get dismissed in any case. The characteristics I search for in a man is:

To have the capacity to dissect sensibly yet choose with feelings,

To have the insatiable want to learn,

To be free of haughtiness,

To have the capacity to banter at a scholarly level that holds my consideration for long,

To have the capacity to be silly [Humor is crucial to my regular existence],

To have the capacity to be modest, it adjust some other appealing characteristics (like insight, fearlessness, aspiration, comeliness), by leaving space for personal development and commitment to an option that is bigger than oneself (marriage, family, network, and so on.),

To even now have the ability to be flabbergasted at straightforward ponders throughout everyday life,

To permit someone else an opportunity to refute you and acknowledge it with poise,

To have the capacity to be go to bat for heart dependable, sure, legitimate and genuine,

To have the capacity to be one who needn't bother with outside approval; who doesn't let me or any other individual empty,

To have the capacity to be brimming with affection and kind who is never barbarous, unimportant, or common,

To have the capacity to be not coercible [The time went through with me is on account of they need to, and is in this way thoroughly present when they are with me.],

To have the capacity to be helpless. [I have a lot more regard for somebody I care about when they demonstrate to me their inward center of powerlessness. For reasons unknown, it influences me to put stock in them progressively and if that is conceivable, adore them more than what I could imagine.],

To have the capacity to be Undiscriminating (Non-judgmental),

In conclusion, to have the capacity to have great taste in garments.


You dont. You dont search for characteristics to make companions. I mean nobody is conceived idealize, so abandoning them in view of their deficiencies is so not done. You will discover one individual out of the blues and that nitwit (with all his chafing propensities), will turn into your life saver.