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What is the perfect length of answer on musing?
lately I have been seeing wall of text answers which is very hard to ready but I think the general sentiment is longer answer = good answer. Whatchu think "?

When I started using musing I noticed that almost everyone was trying to give lengthy answers to even questions that needed simple answers. Maybe this is due to the way musing curators curate/upvote. There is sentiment towards lengthy reply and I do not blame the curators because this idea has been ingrained in the philosophy of the steem ecosystem. _The longer the better_, and many have chosen to follow that path, and I must confess it is working out well for them.

However, I have chosen a different path. One that is precise and concise. Yes, you may not find my replies or answers on the top trending column but I'm certain to some extent that I'm amongst the top 20 beneficiaries of @musing upvotes. This is not to brag but to show that you can be precise in your approach and still make something decent for yourself.

Do not join the bandwagon. Whether style or approach you deem suitable please follow up till the end. It's not about length but quality. You can highlight several points in short response to a question than ramble on and on, using just one simple point.

And I will like to add, what is required here, in my opinion, is _surface knowledge_, on a particular topic. We have books, journals that give people in-depth knowledge about whatever knowledge they need. You as a muser have the primary responsibility of introduction the person asking to the idea or concept they wish to understand. And if you want them to have a deeper knowledge then you can refer them to a book or a site that deal with the subject. This is not an encyclopedia of knowledge but a microblog where people are seeking quick and precise answers to their questions. My apologies. This has turned into a lengthy post. But I'm sure you get my point.


Depends on the question it answers. Some questions can easily be answered well enough in a couple sentences while others require paragraphs to fully cover the subject matter.

I've seen many users post excessively long answers just to get that @musing upvote as curators seem to appreciate long replies more than short ones. It is not the length of the answer that determines its quality but, its contents. The strings of letters. How neatly and meaningfully are they put together. 

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So I thought also.. But sometimes when you read through some lengthy answers they tend to derail from the main topic and this isn't right because they believe dropping lengthy answer means the answers are the best or more detailed.

However, I believe your answer doesn't have to be lengthy to be good or right. Going straight to the point and dropping your answers is the best way to go. I use to drop lengthy answers when I started but along the line I got to realise that at the 4th paragraph I run out of ideas to continue. This made me change my style, I gather up my points now and summarise them in two paragraphs. Good answer are in the value of contents not in the length.


Well, to be honest, I never count how many words I have written or check how long my answer is, but I would say it totally depends on the question.

My goal mostly while I am answering a question is sharing my view or standpoint; however, without boring the readers. Long answers aren't necessarily good considering after a while they get boring and the interest of the readers is lost. In other words, I strongly believe being concise helps both me and the people who read the answer.

Furthermore, I prefer not to go into much detail. Some background information might be useful, but only if you will use them later to point out to something more important. It is not a good idea to write 500 words about the background information, without offering the slightest answer to the question.

I think you are the best judge of your text; nobody other than you can know what you have in your mind, and it is your task to state your ideas in the most efficient way possible. If you think something in your answer is unnecessary, throw it out. After you are done with writing an answer, read it one more time, and post it only if you think there are no problems with it. 


longer answer=good answer......is a myth

The response to a question depends on the type of question. If it is a kind of debate type question, then definitely it is going to be lengthy and it will  have many view points which differ from each other.

If the question is a result oriented question, then the answer will be within definite lines or paragraph and all the answers converge to a common solution. So these are basically deterministic type of question, say for example "Please explain how to send sbd to minnowbooster" no matter who will write the answer or steps, it is going to be the same for all.

If it is asking about your viewpoint about  particular problem interface then again it will attract many facets of people's view and it will have many references within those views and some may elaborately express and some may express it briefly.

So the bottom line is that your response to a particular question asked here in musing should be to the merit of question and not by a predetermined mind set like longer answer=good answer.

Thank you and Have a great day.


It's not about the length, rather the substance of your answer. I saw it from the Discord server of Musing that one of the curators/moderators mentioned some musers who writes short but articulate answers, and some successful ones who writes long answers. I am not pertaining to a length that's a single sentence or two. It's about a post that's not too long but the answer prettily nailed it. It thus show that long answers does not contitute good answers because there somewhat lengthy answers which deviates from the real thought of the question.


Hey @itstime. Not necessarily it may have been like that right in the beginning and I also thought the same. I used to think how I could stretch out a simple answer into something long and meaningful and not look funny.

The way it is curated today from my observation is they prefer short and sweet. Answering the answer in a decent short version is ideal. This is not always possible though and sometimes the topic is quite involved.

Depending on the question and what you know or can add should determine the length of answer. If you look at some of the votes cast recently a few paragraphs is sufficient as long as the question has been answered. 

i hope this helps and guides you on the path of success with musing.


Length doesn't matter for me. What matters is the "quality" of your answer and the manner of presenting your thoughts.

There are some users who can post a quality answer at the same time having a concise thought. It doesn't need to be lengthy to make your answer good in quality. A direct to the point answer, chunked into smaller is often pleasing to read than those lengthy ones.

The manner of presenting it is also important. How you express your opinions and thoughts in an organized manner is very much important.

Lastly, it also depends on the question. There are questions that needs to be answered in an elaborated manner than just saying it straight to the point. Like for example, a question "How to Cook Beef Steak?" is a type of question that needs a step-by-step if you want your answer to be properly established.

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I don't @musing votes gauge an answer based on the word count.

Based from my observation, there are 1 sentence answers that got a decent 3% vote while there answers with around 4 paragraphs that didn't even get a vote. However there are lengthy answers that are informative and with added images that are getting 10% vote from musing, which I think really deserves it.

I'm having hard time figuring it our though, I don't even sure whether they have human curators or an algorithm that basically scout for questions or answers that was randomly upvoted.


I know for a fact that the approach of many users is of a lengthy answer because they expect a big upvote because of "effort"  but there's a secret. What curators really like as answers (from my own experience) is something short and concise. Basically short but sweet. I bet they get tired from reading these long walls of text everyone half asses just because they think a longer answer means a bigger upvote. 

The perfect answer should be that, a well explained answer. Nothing more nothing less. And it definetely shouldn't be the same length of a normal blog post, lol.

Although what I said is ironic because I specially love writing long ass answers but that's just me. I do it as well on my blog but it's definetely good to know i'm not joining the bandwagon, I made the bandwagon.


I usually just write till i have nothing to say. It is usually around 100 to 300 or if i have more stuff to write, it would increase to a length of 500 but i seldom use google which i guess is often used to cite things from google. 

Well, I think it depends on whether the question has been answered. Some of the answers I see are out of topic but well, it's alrite, at least the person tries to answer the question. Some questions are quite hard to answer. I think if there are some steemians who can really answer the questions well and even if it's long, it is going to be good.