How can we practice self love?

Self Love starts with acceptance and honoring  ourselves for who we are. We must accept the light, as well as the darkness. For we would not be who we are, if we did not experience sadness and suffering in our lives. 

We need to accept the good and the bad, and make peace with ourselves. We are not perfect and we should not strive to be. We learn so much more from our mistakes and it is so important to remember that. Life is all about learning and evolving. 

Self Love starts with acceptance and honoring who we are, honoring our feelings and emotions. Honoring our bodies and our minds. Celebrating ourselves and not feeling ǵuilty about it. We must learn to love ourselves, if we are to let ourselves fully love others. 

So be kind to yourself, be gentle. Remember that You are enough!


One of the best things that I did when I started to practice self love are two things :

1. I always look at myself in a mirror every morning

I just stare at myself looking what is to be appreciated and what is needed to be improved. I ask myself what are the good qualities and things I have that I should be thankful of and it made my day great. I look at myself on what are the bad qualities and things that I need to look on the way I look. Then I start planning on ways of how to improve it.

2. I always look on what I achieve in lige and reward myself

Oftentimes, thinking the positives makes you positive. Being in fact with happy and positive people make you happy. Its an effect of what we call as "Domino effect". So I realized what I have done today or what I achieve today and then think of rewarding myself. It could be a treat to a restaurant, buying myself new clothes, or even a travel to a beautiful place to relax.

The two works well for me and I hope that could influence you too in a positive way. Right now, I'm happy with what I have and I seek for ways to improve myself.


Self esteem is about the amount we cherish ourselves to adore others.

Simply be great at your heart and help other people.

Endeavor to reflect for 30 minutes every day and you'll understand the amount of an adorable individual you are.

Also, generally critical:

Quit looking for motivations to be glad since despite everything you're breathing and no more.