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As shown by your recognitions, is steemit internet systems administration or business media?

Steemit is a blockchain based platform or social media, currently there are lots of blockchain-based social media like steemit because of the many crypto hunters on social media. For those of you steemit users, you know that in steemit, there is definitely a name that is given to you if the posts you post attract the attention of others to give rewards to you.

With the existence of a blockchain-based platform like Steemit, many unemployed feel helped by finding a little income in this steemit by making work through this steemit platform. With this steemit, we are not just just earning income but we can also get to know many people who also use the steemit platform to eat together we are increasingly awake by recognizing each other on this steemit platform.

It's not just getting income and just getting friends, with a platform like Steemit we can also learn to write a good work. With this we can learn to write with the correct use of words so that each article we write makes many people interested in visiting each post we write on this steemit platform. By writing good posts, more people will give rewards to us.

So that every post that we write is not in vain and useful for others and especially for yourself. We must learn how to make useful posts for others and for ourselves not just writing but the contents of our writing must be useful for everyone who reads it especially for ourselves. If you write an article just to make money, then it will be useless because your posts are of no use to others and to yourself. Thank you..!