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How can we sustain the value of Steem knowing that Steem is not just a mere crypto? Don't you think that we shuld determine the worth of Steem?
The crypto world is very much described by the perpetual changes in market costs which are connected to exchanges. Be that as it may, I see Steem past a crypto. To me, Steem is an advantage which is based on mankind and not a market, Reason is on the grounds that, the estimation of Steem ought to be straightforwardly relative to the estimation of substance made through it. On the off chance that we evaluate the resolute activities of designers just as the flood of advancement steming from Steem blockchain, we can look for progressively practical methods for pegging the estimation of Steem other than the crypto advertise. What will we do?

Just as you've stated earlier that "steem is not just a mere crypto" and this implies that it is a very valuable crypto which has added more value to the lives of mankind through the help of the steem blockchain. There are lots of projects built on the steem blockchain and we still have many more to come due to the great impact or value the steem blockchain is adding to the lives of people.

How can sustain the value of steem?

Firstly, we need to understand that the value or worth of steem is dependent on the value of Bitcoin which implies that steem rises and fall due to the nature of Bitcoin.

As a Steemian, there are several ways which we can sustain the value of steem because steem is worth more value than the present. I suggest the below tips will help us sustain the value or worth of steem.

1) PROMOTING STEEM : The #promo-steem tag is now frequently reducing this days maybe because we are having lesser people promoting the steem blockchain. It is very imperative upon us to make promotional posts about Steemit with the sole intent intention of promoting the steem blockchain. You can make a YouTube video or make an enticing post about the steem blockchain and share it to your social media accounts. This will enable more people to know what Steemit is all about.

2)INVITING MORE PEOPLE TO THE STEEM BLOCKCHAIN : We need to invite more people into the steem blockchain just like we have large number of people on Facebook. One of the best ways of sustaining the value of steem is to invite great people or friends who can add more value to the steem blockchain either by building their projects on steem, investing on steem or blogging on the steem blockchain.

3) INVEST ON THE STEEM BLOCKCHAIN : It is of no strange news that the more we have more investors, the more the worth or value of steem. This is why it is always advisable to power up your steem power so as to sustain the value of steem. Steem is one of the best platform to invest in and you will surely be glad you did.

4) BUILD YOUR PROJECTS ON THE STEEM BLOCKCHAIN : There are many projects built on the steem blockchain and we need more project on the steem blockchain because it helps to bring in more people to Steemit and helps to solve Steemians problems. There is high chance of sustaining the value of steem if we have more projects built on the steem blockchain.

5)NEVER STOP STEEMING: Every Steemit users makes up the steem community and the steem blockchain won't operate without the impact of everyone of us. We have to keep making use of Steemit for our normal activities like we also do such as Blogging, vlogging, writing, games, etc because it makes the platform more lively and active. The more active and lively the platform is, the more we are sustaining the steem blockchain and the more we are adding to the value of steem.

I think the few tips I have listed above will help sustain the value of steem because steem is more than a mere cryptocurrency because it adds value to the lives of people and it solves people's problems.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps