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What is your most loved motion picture ever? Why?

I have a lot of favorite movies! But I will choose Dancer in the Dark or Dancing in the Dark. This is a Danish film made in 2000 and directed by Lars von Trier. This musical drama features performances by Icelandic singer Björk. The film takes place in the United States in 1964. Selma (Björk) is a hardworking woman who hides a terrible secret: she is progressively losing her sight, and the worst thing is that her son also suffers the same condition but at an accelerated pace. Against time, she must get enough money for her son to have surgery, while - in the inevitable darkness - she daydreams in a never-ending musical of happiness and pain.

Selma's life begins to be a real ruin; one of her supposed friends betrays her, bad things happen to her partly because of her hallucinations and another because of her irreparable illness, even though Selma is surrounded by a lot of love. Dancing in the Darkness is a deeply dark and melancholy story, but it makes your skin bristle and makes you shudder.

The first time I saw this film, I remember that I couldn't stop crying, not only because of the story, but also because of how I felt when I saw it and how identified I felt with the main character. Since my birth I suffer from a visual condition called Keratoconus which is a kind of bomb or cone in the eye that at some point will leave me blind. Seeing such an independent woman try not to be a burden for others and who in turn tries to memorize the colors and shapes of things around her to remember them when she becomes blind, not to mention all the effort she makes so that her son does not become blind like her, left me without tears and with a sadness in my heart. 

This is a movie that I recommend to watch with a handkerchief because you will cry a lot! 


 Life is beautiful is my favorite and most loved movie. It is a 1997 Italian film written, directed and starring Roberto Benigni. It tells us a very profound story in which a Jewish father seeks to protect his son in a Nazi concentration camp from being taken to the gas chambers, making him believe that they are part of a game and that he must do everything he tells him to accumulate points that in the end will earn him a tank. It's a very emotional movie with a touch of comedy. The soundtrack is spectacular. It is touching to see how Guido (Roberto Benigni) seeks by all means to keep his son Joshua safe. 

With this film I cried my eyes out and laughed at all Guido's witticisms. I understand Guido's pain and desperation because as parents we don't want our children to suffer and we want a better world for them. Guido was not saved from the Nazi massacre, but he managed to save his son. It's a wonderful film that I highly recommend, the best I've ever seen in my life.