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Two individuals of a similar sex love one another. Is it real?
It is basic to isolate among family relationship and opinions of reverence. Plainly, brotherhood may exist between two young fellows or two young women. A honest to goodness partner is an important gift. We discuss homosexuality when there is an assumption of fondness joined by sexual need between two individuals of a comparative sex. Our point here isn't to contemplate why and how this can happen anyway basically to underline two or three core interests: We confront a day by day reality with the end goal that erases contrasts. Some envision that (sexual) joining between two people of a comparable sex is extraordinary and that homosexuality is only a choice rather than heterosexuality (sexual relations between a man and a woman). That isn't legitimate. As a matter of fact God made man and woman contrastingly so they can offer themselves to each other with their own variations, including the refinements of sex which empower life to show up from that affiliation. Whatever our condition, it is basic to see reality, to tail it and to have the strength to live temperately. Humility is the morals that coordinates human love.

It definitely is.

I can't see why it wouldn't be real. Love is something that is hard to define, and yet it is harder (I would say impossible) to choose whom we love.  So, why bother about whom you love, it happens naturally and without your control.

People can be homosexual, bisexuals, heterosexual, and asexual. One can fall in love with all gender identities or one or even none. I think that it is nobody's task to judge whom others love or whom others are with.

For example, a couple (what I mean by this is two people, regardless of their gender identities or sexual orientation) doesn't need to have a baby to be happy. There are countless heterosexual couples that do not or cannot have a child, but still they might be happier than the ones that do. 

I strongly believe that one of the worst problems of our society's is telling other members to do what we find right. Respect is missing. Nobody can tell us how we are going to live, and neither should we.


Of course it is.

There is so much to love about a person... gender and gentiles are such a small part of that.  Think about the people you love... you love their personality, their sense of humour, their actions and the way the go about their day. 

If my wife suddenly became a man, would I stop loving all the things that I've loved about her for 15 years?  I definitely hope not, she's still the same person with the same qualities.

I like to think that only a very small percentage of people could only love one gender or another... and that the vast majority of people fall in love with the person, not their bits.