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Do you think dreams have any importance?

It depends. 

Do you mean dreams as in our unconscious projections while we sleep? Or dreams as in our aspirations and projects?

In the first case, they may have some importance if can ever get to really decipher them or understand their meaning. In as much as they are abstract, unconscious, and pretty much messed up collages of things lived, heard, thought, feared, and/or expected I’d rather not give them too much thought.

If dreams trouble us too much, if they haunt us, and we can find a good psychiatrist capable of making sense of them and give us peace, then they may have all the importance in the world.

Regarding the second kind of dream, of course, they should be the compass that will lead us into the future. Without dreams or aspirations we are not much better than any other creature on earth. Every person has the capacity to conceive dreams or aspirations; turning them into a reality is a different story, one that depends on many factors. Some would argue all those factors can be resumed in one: YOU. Others would say that regardless of our determination, if environmental elements prevail there is not much we can do.

Some beautiful dreams never see fruition, at least during the lifetime of the dreamer. Sometimes other people end up materializing on someone’s dreams, which is great, I believe because it proves that dreams moves people to want to do something, to make a difference and to go beyond pre-established limitations.

Most of what we enjoy today as improvements in our way of life (from clothing to housing to technology and health) is the result of people’s resourcefulness and resiliency to make their dreams come true.

Some dreams are easier to work out (a diploma, a new school, a better hospital), others take more time, resources and even lives (peace, cures, freedom). In either case, we can't be human without dreams. They matter in one way or another.


Well for the most part, dreams are said to just be random firings of our synapses, but if you ask me it's a pretty good reflection of a person's mental state. I speak for myself and myself alone when I say this, I literally dream about whatever I was thinking about before I sleep. If I was thinking about food then I'm probably going to be eating or cooking food while I'm asleep, if it's a ghost movie I'm thinking about then it's going to be a ghost related dream I'm going to have.

The thing is, I don't dream when I'm stressed out, I don't know if it's the same for others but that's how it is for me. I can literally use the dreams I have to gauge my mental state, if I'm having dreams about money then I've probably been fussing over making money too much, if it's about girls then I'm probably in need of a girlfriend and if it's about food then I'm probably craving something.

There's also the supposed spiritual aspect of dreams, I'm African so I can't exactly pretend like I'm not aware of this. There are people whose dreams almost always happen in real life, maybe their premonitions, maybe their just coincidence but there are friends of mine who I take seriously whenever they say they dreamt about me because it always comes true. If you ask me, those types of dreams have meaning.

Like I said earlier, for the most part, dreams are just random firings of our synapses, but I can tell you that dreams can mean alot of things and they can serve as indicators of different things in our lives.

I hope this helps.


Dreams are indeed very important and should be duly looked into.

A dream happens when our conscious and subconscious meets together. We dream about 5-7 times daily, when we sleep at night. It may surprise you because you feel you don't dream but the truth is that you do.

Dreams are trying to pass a message. Telling us what to do or how to live our lives. Dreams call us to be more conscious of a particular aspect of our lives.

Some times, we have a particular dream repeatedly. This is because our subconscious is trying to pass a crucial message and until an action is made on that thing, the dream keeps repeating itself.

There are also times we have scary dreams. It simply means that our subconscious is trying to pass a very cogent message and has to scare us to reality so as to take actions in a particular area of our lives.

90% of the time, our dreams do not make sense to us. But that doesn't mean they should be overlooked.

Dreams are always trying to pass across a message and hence, should not be overlooked.


Yes why not.

I have heard and read about many people who have dream and in one way or the other have an important meaning to them or some may come to pass.

Let us look at the aspect of coming to pass. We and I also have read a lot about Joseph who have dreams and their dreams comes to pass. Actually sometimes, dreams may not come direct as how it may later happen but with good interpretation to the dream, it will be appreciated. If we are to look at the lives of Joseph and daniel, they interpret the kings dreams which appear indirect to the kings but after good interpretation to the dreams, it becomes appreciated and meaning to the kings .

And to some, it has help them to guide their future. Take for example the king during the time of Joseph, it was the good interpretation Joseph gato the king which help him to guide him how he is going to handle what he is going to experience in the future.

Dreams have really been a great importance to many including myself and to others, they believe dreams is not something to hold of great important. But I still believe dreams have its great importance and its importance can not be denied.



Yeah! It does.

Dreams are very important, you being a human without dreams, that is, you don't dream. It's not possible. I'm saying this, because I have a friend who use to tell me that he doesn't dream,, and anytime he tells me that,I'll always tell him to be quiet, that it's not possible for a human to be without dreaming; be it at night or in the day .

Now, this life has two realms;The physical realm and the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm controls the physical realm. Our dreams takes us directly to the spiritual realm.

Messages about our lives gets to us from the spiritual realm, through our dreams. This is why dreams are very important. Pay attention to every dream, It is a message from our spiritual realm for you to be aware something. It could be good or bad.

That's why some things you see in your dreams comes to pass, some comes in ironically, some are future predictions. Dreams are good and very important.

Dreams are like revelations.



Yeah dreams are really important to humans....here are my own five importance of dreams...

1. Dreams really reflect the recent life concerns

2...our Emotions also play a very important role in our dreams

3. Dreams do actually help to consolidate our memory

4. Dreams may actually help to really forecast our future and make us work at it...

5...dreams also make us to be willing to secure our future...

6....GOD can sometimess pass spiritual prophecies to us through dreams

7... i realized that the Symbolic meaning in most dreams are highly personal...


Dreams are very important.

In fact, at a personal level, I have had dreams that were almost like a message to me directly. I am a Christian and I believe sometimes, dreams can carry a divine message in them. There are many instances of this in the bible where dreams were used by God to pass a message or show forth future events. Examples are the case of Pharoah and Joseph.


Dreams are of extreme importance in people's lives because most of our dreams have spiritual significance in the sense that there is how God our creator will want to reveal some things to us, In such cases, he reveals things to we humans in the form of vision and we see it in our dreams.

As we all there is no way God will appear to us in the physical realm so instead that is the mean he uses to communicate with most of us.

Every one of us the potential of seeing a revelation but it all depends on the level of spirituality and relationship that we have with God.

So my take on this question is that dreams are of maximum importance to us.

I will take myself for instance, I do dream most days and to be precise my dreams do come to manifestation some times.