Can corruption be totally erased in a country filled with corruption? if yes, how can it be done? if no, what are the reasons?

What I have learned so far is, if country is corrupted it's because people are too. Although they mostly blame other higher authorities for that.

So if you want to remove corruption from the country, the change starts with YOU. Then you influence the people around you, they influence other people and circle gets bigger and bigger.

That's how the corruption started and that's how it can be erased.


Corruption is not something that can simply disappear from society. Regardless of if it’s a country that is filled or doesn’t have much, it’s something that stays and lingers around. You can think of it like criminals. Regardless of the punishments set forth, there will always be those who try something illegal, as there will always be someone who is corrupt in society. So while it can be reduced significantly, eradicating corruption is not possible, as the next generation or when corruption laws are laxed will simply grow once more.