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What is the difference between laptop, palmtop and tablet?

The development and progress in the field of technology is very fast like today, inevitably forces us to continue to follow it. Starting from the presence of touch screen smart phones, to the competition of giant technology vendors such as Samsung and Apple, everything is worthy of us to follow.

Before this period until now, the presence of laptops also seized the attention of the world community.

In its development, size is one of the considerations and priorities for someone to buy a laptop. Laptop is one of the results of technological developments that prioritize efficiency, in this case it can be seen from the size problem, the longer the size of the laptop gets smaller.

Along with the changes in size, various terms emerged to refer to these technologies, such as notebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks and palmtops to tablets.

Apart from the size differences, there are various significant differences between these devices, for more details I will try to describe the differences from this advanced technology. So in this case I just want to focus on the question above, in the sense that I will only discuss the differences between laptops, palmtops, and tablets.

1. Laptop

Image source: https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/omen-laptop-17t-gaming-3aw55av-1

Historically, laptops have the largest size of these devices. Laptops are designed to be a desktop replacement that still fits on our lap. In the sense that a laptop has a size slightly larger than a Notebook. At present in our society, the term laptop and notebook are often used to refer to the same device, which means that both the terms can replace each other.

Laptop screen sizes that are circulating in the market today vary between 12-18 inches, and on average have a size of 15 inches. We can get a laptop with a special graphics card to play 3D games, although this does not always apply to notebooks. Laptops usually have large DVD-drives and hard disks, which is one differentiator of laptops with similar devices such as ultrabook. The prices of laptops today vary greatly, depending on the specifications of each device.

2. Plamtop

Image source: http://phonedb.net/index.php?m=device&id=168&c=hewlett-packard_palmtop_320lx

it's the smallest device that can give us a full computing experience. Most of the palmtops are powered by Windows CE, but there are also laptops that can run Windows XP.

After the advent of smartphones, Palmtop became a rare item because it was no longer produced. Even so we might be able to buy it from several second-hand goods stores in Japan. Generally, this device has a screen with a size of about 6-7 inches.

3. Tablet

image source: https://www.samsung.com/pk/tablets/

Tablets can be said as portable computers whose physical form is slightly larger than a smartphone and thinner than a Netbook. The tablet does not have a physical keyboard because it is designed visually to be a touch screen keyboard.

Many tablets have features such as cellphone phones that can be used to communicate such as telephone and SMS.

Tablet specifications are smaller than Netbooks but can still be used to access the internet. Opertaing the system is also different from the operating system commonly used for laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and laptops.

Now many Tablets are already using Android as their Operating System. The tablet screen size is around 7-10, does not have a hard disk like the Laptop and also does not have a CD / DVD ROM.



Hi there, 

I am sure you are already familiar with Laptop which we are using in our daily life to do tasks. Well, I am using Laptop to write answer for this question that looks like-

I think it was a old model of computer which has same size as a calculator and it can be carried in your pocket. Still there are many palmptop computer are being used by kids and some person because it is very portable. It looks like-

Tablet is the more sleek and portable version of Laptop and it has Touch Screen that is more sleep that a normal laptop and they have ability to do almost all task which can be done by a laptop. Nowadays, Tablets comes with keyboard which make our typing experience more friendly. 

Thank you & Have a Great Time :-)