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What causes divorce in marriages?

Marriage is not the happy end of a relationship that we have built with our partner. It is always marriage is the gate of our struggle. We and our partners must fight together to keep the household in harmony. But sometimes divorce cannot be avoided in the household.

The following in my opinion are some of the causes of divorce in marriage.

- More Concerned about Work Compared to Families

Work is important, but we must dare to commit to the family and must prioritize the family above all. Do not let our busy work in our time for the family. Because this habit will make the household destroyed.

- Not Helping Each Other and Supporting Couples

In the household we need to be sensitive and support each other in our partners, doing homework together. So that we become dependent on each other by our partners.

- Complaining About the Problems of Our Households to Friends of the opposite sex

This is something that must be avoided if we do not want our marriage to end in divorce. Because this can trigger an affair.

- Sex Has Become Just A Routine

Having sexual relations with our partners should be the glue of our relationship in the home. But we must be vigilant if this sex is only our obligation to our spouse.

- Bad Effects of Our Friends

We must be aware of our friendship environment, because our friends can have a bad influence on our relationships with our partners. This will be the cause of disputes with our partners and can threaten our homes to the pit of destruction.

- Communicating with Our Spouses

Rarely do we communicate with our partners even if only communicating mild things will cause miscommunication with our partners, so this will be the beginning of the destruction of the household.

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Divorce in marriages occurs mainly when spouses refuses to address "the big elephant in the room" figuratively speaking or refuse to discuss and attend to pending issues causing a rift between them laterally speaking and instead they resort to building walls of separation. 

Divorce ain't  something that happens over night, it starts from the time there are unresolved issues,  it could be a case of mistrust,  doubt,  infidelity, jealously breakdown in communication  et al.  Once spouses refuses to attend to unresolved issues and forge a way out  to resolve them,  the next easy way out is divorce  and that's why a lot of marriages end in divorce today because none of the spouse wants to be humble to be the one that apologises first or be the one that communicates first just because  of EGO.

A lot of things can be the motivating factor for divorces in marriages but the salient and most important  reason divorce thrives is because there is a gap in communication between spouses.  Irrespective of whatever is causing the rift in the marriage,  if there is proper communication between spouses there wouldn't be any consideration for divorce because issues would be resolved in no time. But when there is a gap in communication, a wall is built and it gets thickened to the extent that  even when one of them decides to communicate the other wouldn't be willing to listen and in this scenario  doubts,  hatred and all sort of negativity  thrives which would then result  to divorce. 

As i pointed out earlier divorce is an easg way out of marriages for weaklings who arent strong to  face their fears and challenges  and forge a way out for themselves. Although  there  are some situations  that it cane be helped and divorce is the only option after all other options have been exploited. 

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There are always many things that always cause divorce in marriages which I will just like to explain some to you as best as I can.

(1). There is no habit to say I AM SORRY when a conflict happened.

This has really lead to many broken marriages. Both the wife and the husband, nobody want to say I am sorry when there is a conflict whether if one is at wrong or not. When in a marriage, there should always be a habit that both the wife and the husband must cultivate to always say I am sorry. So as to end the disagreement between them. Whether you are the one at fault or not. Always learn to say I am sorry so as to stop the conflict because without this, the conflict may grow to another hot issue which may even later lead to divorce.

(2) When there is no forgiveness.

This also contributes as many marriages have also been broken because of this. When there is no habit to always forgive your partner when he or she wronged you. As husband or wife, they must always learn to forgive his or her partner when he or she is been wronged.

(3). When there is no love.

This also have lead to many broken marriages. When there is no love between them. Some marriages happen because of no love, because of money and also because they were even forced to marry each other. When there is no love in a marriage, definetly, the marriage will soon collassped as love is really what holds marriages together.

There are also many reasons but this are the major ones I guess to me. And I hope you accept my contribution to your question.



So many things are responsible for divorce in a marriage. What makes one marriage fail may be very different from what makes another marriage fail. I think the root cause of most divorce is lack of understanding of what marriage entails. Most people gettingmarried are doing so for marrying sake, the don't understand that marriage requires love, sacrifice, respect, communication, understanding, forgiveness, unity, etc in order for it to be a success. They go into marriage with the aim of having their expectations fulfilled and when they don't have such, they start misbehaving.

Marriage can never work if the people in it don't understand what it entails and put each other first. You don't go into marriage to have your way or expectations but to build something wonderful with your partner, marriage is a team work towards a common goal and it can never survive if the team work isn't there, so lack of understanding of what marriage truly entails is the root cause of divorce


Well in my own personal opinion, most people actually divorce for the several following reasons:

1. .Infidelity

2.. Money

3. the Lack of communication

4. .the Constant argument that occurs in their marriage...

5..so many Unrealistic expectations in the marriage

7. the Lack of good intimacy in the marriage

8. the Lack of equality in the marriage

9. Not actually being greatly prepared for marriage both mentally and physically..

10. Abuse and domestic violence...


Marriage is relationship between two different people which have different habits. Even identical habits varies from each other. When there is difference of opinion exist we have flexibility on both sides. Remember things doesn't break up even on stretching if they have elasticity and flexibility. Relationship is also like that you have to be  flexible. Any one can commit a mistake all you need to show patience. The other things that might cause divorce is communication gap. Communication gap can creates misconception which creates a bad impact on marriages. Majority of things exist due to misconception. Unforgiveness and rigidity will never help you to make great relationship. so be like cycle wheel when one move other have to move