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Hw can anger be controlled ?

Horse tranquilizers. πŸ˜‚


I am very happy to be answering this question because I want to let you know that anger can be contributed. I am a testimony.

I used to be very angry in time past. I loved my space(I still do), and if anyone gets in the way of my space, I get very angry and my anger was always very bad. There was a day I even took a knife and was about stabbing someone but thank God people were around to hold me and stop me from doing something silly.

After that incidence, I was touched, I knew I needed to change but how?

I was tired of letting my anger get a better of me. I needed change. I needed to become a better person. Most importantly, I couldn't keep a relationship because my anger issues always sprung up and spoilt whatever beautiful relationship I must have built.

So then I DECIDED to stop allowing my anger dictate how I live my life.

Note the word, "decided". It was a decision I had to make to become free. Whenever anyone got me angry, I try as much as possible to put myself in their situation and say silently to myself, " I am calm". I repeatedly say that over and again and think about the situation.

The truth is, we are capable of doing that same thing if we put ourselves in the person's position/situation. So I always did that. And gradually, I forgive them from my heart and don't let my anger manifest.


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Controlling one's anger isn't an easy task to do but something worth it in one can do it

The first step of controlling anger is making the decision of fighting unnecessary temper

Anytime we feel kind of offended we should try to go on a walk or stay away from the midst of people to avoid our anger causing us actions we will later going to regret


There is no specific method to control anger. It varies and different people have different reaction to anger.

For me i find it effective moving away from the stressor and take a deep breath and do a 20 mine yoga. It effectively relaxes me.


@Jahzy, In my opinion counting system and going away from that place for sometime can help for sure. Stay blessed. πŸ™‚


I already answered a similar question. I have anger issues, and what I saw as a curse, I learned to use as a gift. When you get angry, you build up a lot of energy. Now normally that energy is meant for being mad and aggressive, but I figured out, to just redirect that energy into something positive, like doing something productive.Β 

For example, now, its quite cold, and I want to wash the car. I don't want to be in the cold with water, neither wash the car, too lazy. Now if I get my anger kick, I would have a lot of energy to spare, and just because my body makes a lot of energy in one go, that creates heat, so I will use it to clean my car. No complains about the cold, and I will be full of adrenaline when I'm cleaning the car, so I will be really getting into it.