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Why people not upvoting to questions is musing?
This is my opinion on why people don't vote questions for musing. One I really don't see an upvote button for the questions. Maybe the creators wanted the comments to get more of the upvotes? Another thing might be due to the way Quora is designed. You really don't upvote the question instead the answer. If you ever used Quora it reminds you of Musing in fact I would say Musing coped Quora aspects into its platform. Second, people probably upvote the answers bc they helped you. You get answers and the answers get $. However I do see a flaw that answers will be more available then question with no incentive to make the question. That's just my opinion :)
This is because musing.io is not much popular and it needs more marketing just people are coming here and getting upvotes from company it would be better musing will do more upvotes and more marketing of their platform in steemit. Then there are chances of increasing more customers and i can see few people who has better voting power has already done great job here and are upvoting daily on good answers post. So they are working and people here are just for earning no to learn something and not to solve their question. so this is the reason behind they are not getting upvotes.
musing.io support only best question answers. As a new user you must have many questions to ask. For that musing.o is the best platform to getting answers in a hour. If people upvote only questions and if no one reply your your question where is the profit of using musing? So, to get appropriate answers musing is the best platform. And that's why no one upvote to questions.

People don't upvote questions because they do not inherently create any benefit to anyone. if no one has the answer or answers the question the post is effectively uselss. It offers no value. if it sparks up a debate or answers you can then expect upvotes from interacting in the comments. 

You can also do a follow up post on what you learned but upvoting questions would be counter intuitive to the reward system and would be very much open to abuse


People do upvote questions on Musing! I can see this question is 5 months old now and maybe things have changed...

I often get upvotes on my questions - i try and write questions that are multi layered or ask for deep insights from users. Obviously those questions that have been asked a million times wont get any upvotes as they dont add any value to the platform!

Well i have also really noticed the same thing too on this website,i realized that many people
Are more focused on just answering the
Questions asked by someone,many are not
Really interested in upvoting the questions
But i sitll believe that there are some people
Who do upvote questions which they find interesting and also answers which they like

Musing is a good platform that we can use
To learn alot of things,our focus should not
Just be on the money making aspect,we should
Also focus on how to make people have a better
Knowledge about some certain topics
And while doing that we are also making this website a very good one which makes it more
Interesting and a good website built on the
Steem platform

We should also note that the reason why some people are probably not upvoting auestions or answers is because they do not have enough voting power that will make their upvotes to become effective
This is because musing.io is not popular and this is very process and it will take time and if your comment is interesting you will get upvote.
Because people are using their stake different as well.

And why this big focus on the money ? Of course most people use Steemit to earn a bit but Steemit is not only about earning money. It seems like you are focussing on free and fast money and for this Steemit is the wrong place.

Questions like

"How to earn more tokens free in steemit?"
"How to earn free cryptocoin by completing task?"
"How to earn money online daily 10$ ?"
"Is steemit platfrom hard to make money?"
"How to earn free upvotes on steemit?"

show that you are not really in the platform itself but rather in the money. Maybe you should think about it.
Mainly because the concept of the Steem Platform is "Proof of Brain".

In other words and this is taken directly from the Steem Bluepaper: "A voting system that leverages the wisdom of the crowd to assess the value of content and distribute tokens to it".

This probably is also the reason why musing gives more upvote value to answers rather than questions as it demonstrates the "proof-of-brain" concept
This question deserve an upvote :)