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When will bitcoin rich $25000? Is it going to happen in 2018? Are experts opinion right at this poins?
No one knows. The "Experts" are just people who hold a lot of Bitcoin and have some influence in the cryptocurrency community. If they claim the Bitcoin price will rise to $25,000, some new people will believe them and want to buy Bitcoin when it is lower then that, therefore raising the price. The problem with this is that nearly no one has enough influence to cause thousands if not millions of people to suddenly invest thousands into Bitcoin, save Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

No one can accurately judge how high Bitcoin will be. Everyone is making shots in the dark, enough so that any amount Bitcoin rose, those people would say they are right. If it rose to $10,000, the people who said it would reach $10,000 would say they were right, if it rose to $20,000 those people would say the same and so on. You can't estimate what the price of Bitcoin will be accurately, because it's basically random.
No one can predict the price of crypto currencies accurately.
I think it’s very difficult that price will touch anywhere near 25K in 2018.
Recent news like SEC decision and Google Bans Crypto Mining on Android Play Store will also play there role.
As currently BTC is moving around 8 K range. To reach BTC at 25K it has to multiply by almost 3 times which is very difficult at the movement.
Another thing that more than half of the year has already passed and we have only left with 5 months.
Unless there are some abnormal positive announcements or news I see it very difficult to 25k in 2018.
I am very hopeful that price will touch 25000 in 2019.
But in crypto we can't say anything for sure.
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According to today condition we cannot say that Bitcoin will rich $25000 in near month .because Bitcoin. Is a virtual currency and we cannot see that and also we cannot touch Bitcoin .and so many government of different national banned the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and so that the Bitcoin price are coming down and also the one reason for coming Bitcoin down is that the month of February,March,April,may,June,July are always dipped so down and after August the price of Bitcoin spikes.
After the month of August the Bitcoin price spikes there are various several opinion that that Bitcoin can reach at 25000$ in this year till December because many pepole had invested on December 2017 and for reaching that price and take profit they are waiting for the peak run off Bitcoin.
But I am not sure that Bitcoin will reach 25000$ this December because Bitcoin is too much deeper and to reach is place it needs so much time to reach at the leak so I feel now it is very much sad for us to reach at the peak.
according to what I read from bitcoin experts Bitcoin 2018 average price forecast they replied that the price will continue to rise as time passes, but it's all back on the market now
I don't think, it will ever go to that level, but I am not an expert. Given that other value based crypt are evolving, the focus will shift to these innovative crypts.

Not this year. It is mid November right now and no sign of improvement so far.  John McAfee said he was going to eat his dick if it did not reach $100,000 by 2020 or something crazy like that so I would suggest he starts figuring out if he wants it to be fried or boiled when he eats it.