How can a coin be created in a currency ?
Creating a coin is not that hard I supppse.. When I started in crypto I did lots and lots of research. some were hard for me to understand, some were easy. But one thing I learned is creating a coin is not that hard.. but what comes after is hard to survive.. that's why most coins fail before even reaching the market.

So, How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency if you ask, what you need to do is write a few simple codes. However, you need to remember one thing and one thing only. follow your system, trust your strategy. now lets begin.

*Look for communities that might be interested in your coin.

The first step is to look for communities.. Offer them to deliver a coin with features from their choice.. This is the key part.. without the community there is no coin to be created

*Write the necessary codes.

coding as such isn’t a hard task or time-taking process. You can get easy access to the bitcoin codes for free on github repositorys. According to the experts, the only place where you have to devote some time is if you are making some changes in the codes or incorporating your own code.

*Search for miners.

At this phase you will need miners. Otger than your community that you coded the coin for you will need croos miners who understand the word crypto and willingly wants to invest your coin by consuming their resources

*Search for a place to use the coin.

Now you have to present you coin to the market. You have to show people that what you are offering has trade valu and can be exchanged for other coins or fiat money. If this is unsuccessful your coin has failed. Its like you created a product that no one uses.. It means your coin has not earned enough trust.

*Target a market. if not global than local would suffice.

Now you have asuccessfully created a coin and found someone whoe are going to use them. But you have competition. And they are so enormous that it would take you years to even come to a level to compete with them. So keep your head down for the moment and keep your market local..

And you are now a happy creator of a cryptocurrency.