If there was a viral outbreak that caused people to start turning into zombies, what is the first thing you do?

Stock up on fresh water, food and other essential supplies and get out of the city. I'd go to a lake shore, commandeer a boat and head out for a small island with a summer cottage on it. Then I'd break into the cottage and make it my home. 

I'd try to sit out the epidemic on my island. An epidemic that turned people into something akin to rabid dogs like in 28 Days Later should be over in about a month. That's when the sick ones would've starved to death. Of course, you could never know how long an incubation period the the disease had. The infection could take much longer to run its course.


I’m in a fortunate position where I know some very remote areas very well. Including some good supplies of food and fresh water.

I’m also well trained in the use of firearms so killing things won’t be an issue assuming that I can get my hands on a weapon or theee.

So to answer your question, the first thing that I would do is;

- raid a police station or knock over some police officers to get my hands on some weapons.

- head out to the remote areas where I know food and fresh water is plentiful.

- hole up in these locations for as long as possible. I won’t be interested in helping unknown people survive. It will be me, my wife, and my family against the world. Fuck everyone else.

I assume that at some point we’ll need to move to new areas. So we’ll need to maintain a good weapon and ammunition supply along with suitable transport. Thankfully, I have access to a large number of Land Cruisers and huge volumes of diesel. So long distance travel will be a breeze.

My main concern is having good access to weapons and ammunition. And in my country getting access to these things isn’t easy, unlike America.


Wear my full body chain and plate armor, get on a bike and ride to the woods on a mountain near a spring, build a tree-house which I leave only to hunt for my dinner. 

I'm assuming I didn't have any time to prep for the outbreak?

I just grab all the tools I can carry.

Maybe if I can, I can get more later.


I will just lock my apartment and block the doorway with all the heavy,huge things available. I won't be going out to fight with them because I am a scaredy cat. 😁 I will observe from the window about the situations near me. And if the zombies start entering my apartment I will just hide in a closet or in the toilet with something to attack them and also gather all the food and water in hand reach. Also my phone and charger to connect with the outer world to get any possible update of the situation or call for some help if at all available.😄


I will run away to the middle of nowhere that consist of zero human, but abundant with water and edible plants like in the middle of a rainforest in Borneo(because I am living here in Borneo).

If the jungle also infested with zombies, I will retreat to the mountains because we almost have daily rains and a high ground is easier to defend.


If ever such viral outbreak happens, I will find and do ways not to be infected with it. Like will wear a special mask and will try to find out if there is a cure for it already.

I will also find a safe place to stay where there are enough foods and water. Will try to figure out too if there are groups, both from the government and public that does help in making sure the safety of the people.

I will also get some weapons for protection cause those zombies might attack based on the movies.


If there was a zombie outbreak, I would go back home and practice on a ps 4, resident evil one till resident evil seven. Watch all those zombie movies that were ever made to get a clear picture and guideline of how I could survive the outbreak. There is a question though, why do zombies have to infect humans and turn them into competition. In most zombie movies, the zombies linger around waiting to turn and maybe eat some of the survivors. How come some people become eaten and some become zombies.

How does that work actually?

Well, anyways, I just love zombie movies no matter what the logic actually is. But sometimes, it just makes no sense.

Everything that survives, even zombies need fuel. Even if they are technically dead and are controlled by these virus, how could they just walk around and in newer zombie movies run. By the time everyone turned there is a low supply of humans to eat. Is there a hidden conspiracy?

Maybe zombies are cannibalistic in nature. They actually eat other zombies to stay alive while stalking for a human prey. It's only a matter of time before the next sets of brains arrive.

If that's what I think,

my theory would be just to wait it out. Check using binoculars from a tree. Thank God, zombies aren't climbers. See if all of EM died. If they dead, I will walk out and just step on their heads. It's just a matter of time before they run out of humans to eat.

Can't wait for resident evil 2 the remake to be out in a couple of months.


This question is difficult to imagine because I have never assumed myself changing into a zombie but if there is a viral outbreak, I do travel to a country , island, forest, desert etc. Just anywhere the virus hasn't spread to for safety. Can't handle seeing myself out of the human race into something the world is scared of.

Definitely the human who are now transformed to zombie will be destroyed to hinder it spread further , so finding a way for safety will be my primary goal just not to be cut off forever from my big dreams


I just really hope that its isn't an air borne virus otherwise it will be hard to escape. Anyway, probably the first things for me to do is gather my family, of course they will be our strength.

Together we will setup a shelter that will be able to protect us and a sufficient supply of food. Aside from that, I will assign one of us to gather zombie movies, I mean none of us is a scientist that know how to deal with so better get some ideas from sci-fi movies, which are a lot by the way😁


Get my guns and set up a perimiter and booby traps. Stock up on food and water.