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Can you unlove a person intentionally?

 I don't think it can be left intentionally, that actions and actions that can stop loving. Just as you can not choose to be in love, or feel, you can not choose to untie. 

 Are the acts and actions performed by that person you love that make you become smaller and smaller that love you feel, there are many reasons why this may occur, among those who are:

  •  That your partner, or that special person, begins to move away from you, the details no longer exist, no longer write you as before, no longer feel that passion you felt before, start doing things that you know you dislike and are not agreement no matter what you think
  •  Another reason why this may happen, is that you or your partner know someone new that can make them feel better, this issue is a little broad and very difficult to handle because if you know someone new and your couple is already disinterested in you, that new person will awaken in you a new feeling that will make you feel good after so many bad times with your partner, with which you can ensure that you no longer have love towards your partner. But, you should not trust this because you may only feel this way because of how annoying you are or how uncomfortable you were in a tense situation. So if this happens to you, you should analyze very well and know how to decide if you are willing to leave your partner and if the new person really like you, and you can have a good future with her.                                                 
    If your partner knows someone new will undoubtedly hurt, and can make you have love for him or her out of spite, so if you're in this situation you should try to cope as it is not easy, find someone who can advise you good way and partially. 
  • Another reason why there may be lack of love would be the loss of respect and trust, which are two of the most important things in the relationship. If in a fight they said offensive things, they start to talk to each other in inappropriate ways, you begin to distrust your partner, you begin to be ifiel, all those things will make you feel unloved towards that special person.

I have to add that not only can you feel unloved with your partner, you can feel unloved with a family, a father, a mother, a sister, cousin, and even with a friend. 

There are many reasons why you can decide that this person is not suitable for your life and you can stop loving it, in fact it is advisable to keep people that you consider toxic in your life if that makes you feel better, but anyway, You can not stop loving someone intentionally, that's my opinion. 



Its hard to unlove somebody while you're still at the stature of adoring the individual. It is even extremely hard to disengage yourself from somebody whom you have constructed trust and love. There are distinctive cases and situations in which this inquiry apply.

Say, I need to unlove somebody however I just can't yet in light of the fact that I am not prepared. I can't relinquish such love that tends to me, acknowledges me, ensures me, and worships me. In any case, I need to relinquish such love that locks me to his safe. Its terrifying how only flawless this adoration was since from the begin and it even unnerves me when somebody gets some answers concerning whats inside his sheltered—ME.

To converse with that individual specifically is the best way to accomplish the objective of heartless one individual. You need to complete what was begun and it needs to end in a way that it will just hurt for the last time. At that point stop.

Love gathered be simple however for what reason does it influence individuals to go insane and make their lives confused? Love assumed be straightforward but then a great many people wind up caught. Stop when its not doing any great regardless of whether it cost you your joy. You are should emerge for what is correct. Unlove and let go.


I feel that is impossible as the capacity to love someone differs in every individual.

Now, for instance, if you love someone who doesn't love you back or you just got dumped but you still love this individual.

There are ways to unlove the person. You can start by giving some distance. This can come in various forms which include:

1- limiting seeing the person.

If you are trying this, you have to put in effort. If you happen to have the same friends or work in the same place, interact as minimally as possible and avoid anything that can lead to an altercation.

2-Unfollow or block them on social media.

In this digital age, social media presence is almost more important than the physical presence. So unblock or unfollow ghis person. As you know, out of sight is out of mind. If you dont see their pictures, you won't be tempted to want to talk to them.

3- Reduce all forms of communication

Reducing the amount of communication between you two makes things easier. You have less to think about. But in a case where there is a child involved, try and keep the conversation tailored to what concerns the child.

It is also good to be friendly and polite without seeming sad about the separation. Asking about their well being but moving straight to the point on the conversation.

4- Take a vacation if you have to.

Get the much needed distractions and alone time.

5- remove things that will remind you of them.

6- change certain things about yourself

7- get support from friends or talk to a therapist

8- exercise to improve your mood.


Yes, but it will take time and mental effort. If your love is unrequited, you can try and actively forget the object of your love. Your love will fade in time. Or you can find faults in them. All people have faults so that should be easy. If you got together with your love, you'd begin to find faults in them and fall out of love sooner or later anyway.


Yes, you can. I had that experience once I lost a lot and loving someone was like torture. At one point in life it can be better not to love someone because you understood the price of which can be a burden so you need to unlove in order to move forward.

Suppressing your feeling was never easy, but it is possible. One way to do it is to put your attention to other things when ever that feeling of that some one you fell in love arises. Again, it was never easy, but try as best as you could.

Good luck at unloving someone you love.


Yes, you can unlove a person intentional. This can be done by intentionally remembering those things the person has done to hurt you or by simply cutting your contact with the person, with time the love will die off naturally


Yes but gradually


Yes, you can unlove with a person, but that can cost you a lot, his or her mental health and how he or she can come to see you from that moment.

You can start by showing disinterests, until there may be days when you disappear from his or her life.

You can show less emotion when he or she tells you things, when he or she sees that you no longer get excited when he or she tells you things or just change the subject, the love will go away .

And the most painful, you can get to talk to him or her that you met someone new, this can advance the process, but it must be done with care.