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What do you usually do when you're stressed?
Any tips on how you handle it?

To be honest, I don't get stressed that easily. But when I do, I try to think about the fact that I am always trying to do my best. For example, let's think that you are going to take an exam, and that exam will decide what you will study, which in most cases means your future. 

Now, I think a little bit of stress in such a case is actually necessary. Stress would mean that you know about the seriousness of the issue. However, what you should do is work hard, do your best, and get ready as much as you can. If you do those, then there is nothing for you to stress because you have already done everything that was necessary for you to do, Whether you are successful or not is a different story then; however, you are not the reason of everything bad that is happening in your life.

If I can't deal with stress that way, or if I am not convinced myself that I have done my best, then I try to clear my head. This I do in many different ways. I sometimes listen to music, play games, read, talk to friends etc. It is only you who can know what makes you feel better, but I would think that talking is one of the best ways. When you share how you feel (and that is not only when you are stressed, but also sad, angry, disappointed etc.), then you would feel lighter. That person can be a professional counselor, or even a friend.

You should always keep in mind that overthinking, no matter about what, hurts and harms you.  


When am stressed out I take a nap while listening to soft music. The causes of stress may be physical, mental or emotional fatigue and although they are 3 entirely different things, their effects can all be remedied to an extent with my formula.

However, what works for me may not necessarily work effectively for another so it is important to understand our body mechanism thoroughly by identifying what puts us at ease and developing it into solid stress pacifiers

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To be honest it is a part of our life where at some point we do get stressed and this kind of things happen in our life. 

While whenever I go through stress (well I am a very patient kind of guy and I can take a lot of pressure in work ways )  it does not happen that much but I usually try to to stay away from that particular thing and I go out and take a walk and try to do something that I usually do not do. 

  • Like I take out my camera with me and get out of the house and just spend some time with the nature believe me it really helps a lot and at some point you will really feel relax a lot.
  • Spend time with your friends and get a long ride it really allows you to forget whatever difficulties you are going through.
  • Make some changes in your life and remove the unexpected things 

Last but not the least focus on being happy at all times.


I go for a run . It really freshens you up and puts things in perspective. I also play videogames which brings me back to my childhood. Somewhere quiet on my own  that I can get into the game and forget about the stresses in life