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How addicting is Steemit?
Have you been hooked to the platform?

When I first started using Steemit I thought I would not use this platform as much as I do today. Okay , there are a lot of issues here on Steemit. But I still continue to use it every day. It's fun writing stuff about things you enjoy and earning money through it. Even though you don't want to join Steemit because of the money. I usually earn about 1 dollar per post. Which is close to nothing. But it is still a huge improvement when I started out with 1 cent reward per post. It's a long-term investment. But it needs to be fun doing it , otherwise it will become very dull very soon.

I check Steemit every day. Several times a day. I guess it is addictive. But so is Facebook and other social media platforms. I have to say when I discoverd Steemit, my activity on Facebook dropped close to zero. I just do not care about it anymore. If you are looking for value on Facebook, you could be searching for a very long time. I'm not saying you find value right away on Steemit but it will be more than on Facebook.

So you could say I'm hooked to the platform. :)


Well when I first started my journey in Steemit it as actually just for fun and I was not really expecting it to change my life that way that it is now. 

While in the past I was just using it as a part time usage and exploring while after some time when I gave it a lot of importance I tend to invest one of my most significant part of my day. 

It has been almost more than a year and now I am a full time Steemit user and I am indeed liking it every bit of it. Every user who are contributing and they are working for each other which really attracts me a lot. The appreciation that we get from the community is indeed immense and that is what is great to make the Steemit community a large one in the coming days.

As of now I am giving almost 12 to 15 hours in Steem Blockchain.

Steemit most of the time, than there is MUSING it is keeping me busy most of the time. while there is Dtube with all the dapps it really pass the time of my day and night very easily and this is something that I am really enjoying a lot. 

 So you can guess how addictive it is for me.


I would say it's equally addicting or discouraging :)

For the ones that are reaping a substantial amount of rewards, it will be very addicting. But for some that are not getting any payout from their post, then it's the other way around.


I personally have found steemit very addictive, just like I have now found musing as addictive as steemit if not more.

To me an up vote from someone or a whale :D gives me an adrenaline rush just like the one I would get if I had been out to the betting shop or if I had one a little bit on the lotto.

When I first started steemit I got a very big one time up vote of $70 my mind went racing with happy thoughts and made me want to get that amount again, I have tried to at least post once a day since as I love the feeling i got and still get from seeing someone appreciating my posts.

Now to me it isn't about the money but more of the rush from an up vote that I get, it must be something that is now built into my brain to want more. 

With musing I have found better success for up votes, I have been trying my best to give out fact information on the answers I comment on. this has made me see a massive increase in up votes on comments and this gives me the same adrenaline rush as when i make a post of my own.


Very addicting!

In all honesty what lured me here first was the possibility to earn free "extra money", but overtime the grinding for more Steem Power and influence is now my main reason to stay...and oh the community too. XD

What I really love about Steem is it's gamification. For months now I have viewed this platform to be just one big video game wherein your reputation is your character level and your Steem Power is your...well Power! That is why I have been grinding so hard to increase my SP.

This might be hard to believe but I'm honestly not that concerned too much about the money that I am getting from this platform. My focus is increasing my SP, whether that is a smart move or not is open to everyone's interpretations. Over half of my liquid earnings goes to power-upping my account because as I've said "grinding" for more power! Although I take around 25% of my liquid earnings to pay for my monthly internet bills. Heh!

So yeah! I guess what made me hooked to the platform the grinding for Steem Power. Major bonus of course is that you are also grinding for real money, influence and power so it is both a win-win in real-life and online. :)


I have found myself spending more time on here than I could have ever imagined.

Over the last 6 months it has hooked me and I find every aspect interesting from the people  to the posts. Once you give the platform a chance and get to know other users it is very addictive. This takes time and the more you understand the more you want to learn.

Most of the people I know now all live in different parts of the world so it is interesting to learn the different challenges they face from day to day. Language is not a barrier because most of the users have a high standard of English. The ones that don't it doesn't matter as we all help each other.

The rewards are second against the social side and are seriously just a bonus to me. The friendships that I have formed are genuine and people care about each other. There is a sense of community that I don't think was there when I joined as I didn't see it. It takes time to get past all the complexities of the site to understand it properly.


Steemit is addictive to me because i always find very good contents on the platform and that makes me to always want to visit steemit so that i can read very wonderful contents and have a wonderful time...



The amount of useful and enlightening information is infinite. You can comment on every post, ask questions to authors, praise their work, or even discuss why you think differently. 

There are posts about literally everything that we might think about. If you feel like a topic has not been mentioned, you might be the first one to do so. When you talk about your views, you get rewarded in forms of upvotes and comments. Is there any other way that is more motivating than this?

You meet different people. You might build strong friendships with people that you wouldn't be able to contact in any other place. 

Last but not least, you can give money! That is why most people come here, I assume, at least at first. However, there is more to it than money. I know a lot of people who spend time here just for the sheer joy of writing and interacting. I think steemit is one of the best addictions anyone can come across.


Very. I find myself on there all the time. Just wasting time reading articles.