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What's the best to call for users of Musing?
Musinger? Musingians? Or what? I've been confused as to how do we call ourselves here. What would be the best title?

Well this something exciting I would say 

While we do have a name for most of the users who uses different dapps like 

Steemit users are often known as Steemians 

Dtube users are known as Dtubers 

Steemhunt users are known as Hunters 

Dlike users are also called Dlikers

While according to the curation guidelines of Musing the users of Musing were called upon as Musers. So we the users of Musing are officially known as Musers.

Check it in here 



I think "Musers" would be the best title. Literally "people who muse". It fits pretty well with people searching for answers!

"Musos" and "Muses" are too musical / artistic for my liking.


Definitely musingers in my opinion. At least this is how sounds the best for me.