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Does attitude can be changed?
How do you change an attitude of a person? Best works with people who has negative ones?

I think someone with a negative attitude can be changed but this takes time. If these people are around others who are negative as well they will only get worse.

I find that if I am around other positive people it has an effect on everyone including the negative ones. It is about your mindset and preparing to succeed at whatever task you embark on.

I have done some talks with my staff about being positive and over time they have changed as people. If you are negative you have already lost half the battle as you don't have the confidence. Confidence is a big thing as it makes you positive even when the chips are down.

I would spend time with someone making them more confident in whatever they are doing and this would slowly creep into other areas of their lives. The more confident you are the less negative energy you have. Anything becomes possible and not impossible.



Attitude can be changed but take note not by you but the person with the bad attitude. It all starts with an acknowledgment from the guilty party that indeed their attitude is not the best and a determination to try to do better. You then can only come in to be supportive and showing them the right way. You can do this by picturing those scenarios where they demonstrate the particular attitude, create such scenarios and right there act in the way you expect them to behave and trust me he/she will be going home with something to ponder on.

A change of attitude is not achieved by constantly nagging and criticizing the guilty party. More is achieved with a simple demonstration of good character.


Sometimes we just want the situation or other people around us to change, without ever thinking about ourselves that must change. This includes one point in the article negative people signs but not aware. Because the world won't change if we don't change ourselves.

Starting from small things, changing attitudes, perceptions and opinions on an event differently. Albert Ellis, an American psychologist who developed rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), argues that how people react to determined events is dominated by their views on events, not by the event itself. So that the event becomes good or bad depends on their view.

If you want to start changing attitudes, you can start with the following 5 ways:

1. Be aware of attitudes and thoughts

2. Change Your Focus

3. Get rid of worries and accept everything that happens

4. Practice being grateful

5. Make peace with things you don't like

Of the five things above, which one do you want to try? Are there other ideas not to change attitudes to make it better? if there is, can you share with us? thank you.


Thank you for asking a nice question. I would say that yes, it is possible to change the attitude. There are many ways to do this. But it will be entirely up to you. Because if you want you can change your attitude. If you feel that I do not change my attitude, it is not possible to change your attitude. We all know that nothing can be done force.

I'm discussing how the attitude can be changed below

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To change your attitude, you first have to change your mind. If you can change your mind then it will be possible to change that attitude

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To change your attitude, you must change your main goal. If your goals change, your attitude will change

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Practice to change attitude. If you can practice to change this attitude, your attitude will change. You have to work a lot for this

I would like to talk again that it will completely depend on you. Because you can change it if you want. But if you think that one day you can change your attitude, then this idea is completely wrong. Nothing can be done in one day. This will take you a lot of time. And you have to be patient. If you lose patience you can not do anything in life . If you can be patient, you can be successful in any work. So patience plays a very important role in changing attitudes. If you really want to change your attitude, you must be patient.