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What is your biggest challenge in life?

I'm extremely lazy, just the worst. 

Imagine this. 

I could learn anything, pursue virtually any career, and succeed!

I have extreme smarts, yeah, I went there, I 'm sucking my own ego right now, bare with me.

I'm not super athletic, but even I never exercised, I did have my share of promising moments in my youths. 

A freaking genetic lottery.

Even now, just by doing what I've been doing for the good part of my day, that is at least when I'm not at work. 

If I just took my time I'm already spending on the internet, and took Steem seriously, I would probably be able to turn 5 figures of SP growth in my first year here. 

Musing is here now! I literally got $50 of up-votes from Musing in my first week of using it. 

I could quit my day job just to milk this cow. 

Haha, and yet.

I don't do it.

It is not for any noble reason.

I have the ability.

Just lazy.

Yay! Hooray me!

What's yours?


Now my side, I think "Living a life with honestly, dutifully, responsibly and truthfully" is the biggest challenge in my life.

We are social being. We, all lives in a society. We need to maintain the rules and regulations of the society. We have many responsibility in our society. We should fullfil them for our society. If we don't fullfil them then there will be many problems.

We also have some duties towards our society. As a good citizen, we all have to aware about our duties and also complete them for living a peaceful life in our society.

In our daily life we face many difficulties where we have to tell lies for escape the situation. But we all knew that we have to tell always truth. All the time we can't able to follow this.

We all face many difficulties in our life in that time we don't feel uneasy and we need to handle the matter with intelligently and confidently. From my opinion, I think "Living a life with honestly, dutifully, responsibly and truthfully" is the biggest challenge in my life and also think that it is the biggest challenge in everyone's life.