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What Dapp in Steem is promising but least Supported?
Which of the dApps do you think deserve more support but least recognized by the community?

The live streaming platform Vimm.TV!!!

I'm not sure if anyone here still remembers about DLive (used to be the largest live streaming community on Steem) but back when they were still powered by the Steem blockchain, they really did managed to gain traction and attract the attention of many people outside the blockchain even making some of them join the Steem platform.

According to a statistic I read online, there are an estimated 2.2 billion gamers in the world last year 2018. As a self-proclaimed gamer myself, I spend some of my time searching for forums, videos and live-streams from players playing the same game as I am hoping to learn some tips and tricks from them. Now just imagine if even 1% out of those 2.2billion gamers happen to stumble upon a livestream or video posted via Vimm.TV then Steem can potentially attract more new people to  join the platform thereby increasing Steems value in the long run. A win-win situation.

What's disappointing though is that Vimm.TV is not that largely supported by the Steem Community. DLive managed to attract users before to it's platform mostly because of the Steem delegation to which Vimm.TV does not have. I believe that if only they had a good source of funds, they could do wonders on Steem. XD 


Musing without a doubt. If @musing had a very huge amount of SP being delegated I think by now, musing might have its own application let’s say an Android app. That would bring lots of users to this platform and more meaningful question and answer between community members. Additionally, steepshot, do you remember steepshot? It was like Instagram and it was very great despite having low SP. Right now, steepshot is no longer active. It was a very promising dApp, it has its own application both in Android and iOS.