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Is there anything that steemians can do to help the economic situation of the steem blockchain company? If yes, what is it?
Maybe if this question of mine will be answered, it can add on to my know how on this blockchain.

I think we can do a few things to help this eco system. We can introduce more to join this community and help increase the user numbers.

This can be done by writing post about the Steemit platform and the different dapps that are found here which can benefit everyone and anyone who participates actively. There is still alot of growth potential that hasn't been tapped on.

The other thing is to keep most of the Steem power. If everyone here was to just earn those Steem and cash out everything they earnt, Steem prices would not be able to retain its value as we would like it to be. The higher the demand the higher the price.

I guess, we could be also mentors to other newer Steemians who are not sure what to do. Most of the time, they would feel lost and just quit the platform. I have friends who did that. I introduced them to the platform and they registered, however, once the password came, they had some problems login in. They did not know how to log in with the different keys. I had that problem early on but slowly after months of usage I got to understand the different keys and their functions.

It's been a rewarding journey for myself. It's almost a year when I started. I am going to still be here for as long as blockchains and steemit exist. I guess we just need to show up and do something.


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Surely, there is a lot of things which Steemians can do to help this platform. I'll be focusing on only three of those things.

First, Steemians need to be more interested in buying Steem than selling it. We have seen a sharp decline in the price of Steem lately largely because most people are interested in dumping their Steem on the exchanges. If we cultivate an investment perspective, the price of Steem is likely to increase in the long run.

Second, we need to stop all the negativities about Steem. A lot of people are frustrated about the falling price of Steem and continue to say negative things about Steem. Beyond price, everything else is right with Steem. The bear market did not spare any crypto, only that some suffered more loses than the rest.

Lastly, we have to promote Steem when we have the opportunity to do so. Whether we like it or not, Steemit is still the most successful dapp built on the blockchain. We have all it takes to succeed and we will certainly get there.


I think the best thing we can all do is grow as much as possible and never said any of the funds to the exchanges.

I was reading  a post today about how much Steem is on the exchanges today and there is roughly 90 Million Steem on the exchanges. There is a total supply of 330 million so just over 25 % is available outside the platform.

We need Steem to hold more value so it increases in price and the one way of doing that is making it more scarce. Too many users earn and dump their rewards straight back onto the exchanges.

I believe this will change as more users arrive as Steem will be harder to earn and all of these users will regret any power downs they have had ion the past. Growing your account is the smart way to operate as it compounds growth with your vote being more valuable Over time you could become very important to other users around you as everyone needs others to help support each in their growth.

Steem is so undervalued for what it offers and I see a bright future for everyone that grows and doesn't send fund to the exchanges.


Yes surely there are things we Steemians can do to help the economic situation of the Steem blockchain company. I have been on the Blockchain for a while and I’ve learnt some things even tho not everything, but I learnt some great knowledge on the Steem blockchain.

There are things to do to help the economic situation on the Steem blockchain, as we can see the price of Steem has been dropping the the market cap , I realize that if we adapt a culture of investing in Steem, this can bring an increase in the price of Steem.

Majorly after the HF20 and some challenges we faced last year on the Steem blockchain causing it to affect the exchange rate and the market , many steemians dumps Steem, also mostly sold the coin they acquire and left, which suppose not to be so.

I see a full Steem ahead and I can see we are gonna bring the Steem blockchain to the moon if we only work hard and also invest in it.

**Peace** ✌️