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If I wanted to move to Texas, What city would you recommend? Why?

Where to live in Texas is going to depend largely on what you want out of your experience. Texas is economically diverse enough that you would likely find a good job in any of the large cities. However, the feel of each city is unique and appealing to different people.

Austin, the capital of Texas, leans heavily into technology and has a somewhat San Francisco-like attitude, Texas style. Austin has a highly-educated workforce that feeds into the Tech sector and Government. You can expect to go out with friends often and enjoy live music. Austin is expensive in terms of housing. Lately, the homeless have become pushy and entitled. Traffic in Austin is not too bad unless you need to drive on I-35 or during rush hour. Austin is in-your-face ethnically diverse.

Houston, I don’t care for Houston, offers everything you might expect from a large city. To my taste, it is monstrously big. The reason Houston is so large is because there is so much industry and commerce due to the oil and shipping industries. Houston attracts so many people because there is a variety of opportunity there. Along with that are the typical large city problems like crime and long commutes. Houston is naturally ethnically diverse. However, this is just a fact of life, not something to highlight.

Dallas and Fort Worth are practically one ginormous city. Banking, finance, trade, and commerce are the big industries in DFW. There is money there if you are in the money business. Consequently, there are great extremes in affluence and poverty. I have limited experience with DFW.

San Antonio would be my favorite. There is enough professionalism there to make great things happen. At the same time, the city is more laid back as if it were a sleepy small town. The military has a presence in San Antonio, which contributes largely to their economy. As a result, the workforce has a blend of academic and practical talent. Military style diversity. People from all over go there and stay there.

El Paso is an oasis in the desert. All around the city is nothing but dirt. As you get closer, things change from brown to green. It is certainly distinct. Driving through, it’s as if there are no zoning laws. I have limited experience with El Paso. Culturally one-sided.

Forget Laredo. Even people from Laredo want to forget it.

Corpus Christi is like a mini Houston. Petrochemical is the industry there. Lots of money. Lots of hard working people. Sleepy town feel. It’s my favorite place to go and do nothing. Diverse in culture.

Brownsville is a port city. Long history. On the border with Mexico. Next to South Padre Island. Relationships make all the difference in Brownsville. Subtropical climate. Culturally one-sided.

San Angelo is a western city. You have to go there on purpose to get there. It’s a city surrounded by a lot of ranch land. Long stretches of nothing. University town. Wool and mohair industry. Rather safe to raise a family.

If I had to recommend, I would say San Antonio, Austin, or a small city like San Marcos. You’d want a sense of community.