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What is your favourite pet and what do you think you receive from them as far as fulfillment, mentally, spiritually and emotionally ?
Do you feel they can actually help in keeping you healthier?

This is a hard question for me. Dogs , horses and cats have them all and love them all. Even had a couple Alpine goats that were wonderful pets. As a child I had a pony named POGO. He and I were team I still think of him every time I see a pony. What joy he brought to me. I told him all my secrets and dreams little does he know he made some of them come true. I have a wonderful dog he's a Norwegian Elkhound and while I have had many Elkhounds he is the best dog I have ever had. He is without a doubt loyal to the end we share a bond like I have never had with another dog. I had a wonderful Morgan gelding he was my friend and teacher. I credit him with making me the horse woman I am today. He took care of me in some pretty hairy situations never let me down. He was as we say in the horse world my once in a life time horse. I love and miss him just as much today as I did the day he died. All of my animals hold a special place in my heart and have enriched my life. I have been lucky for all the wonderful animals I have and have had in my life.


My roommate and I have a lot of pets and I don't think I could pick a favorite.

But what do they all have in common? They've helped my depression immensely.

Knowing I have to be up every 8 hours to give our husky his medication because he's been diagnosed with epilepsy has helped me get a sleep schedule and stop sleeping 12+ hour days.

Knowing I need to be responsible every single day for their care has given me a reason to keep going and stave off suicidal thoughts when things get really bad. Thinking about what would happen to the cats, if they might end up at a shelter or get separated....Like, the one time we had to send Toby off to the vet for a few days Crow was so anxious and stressed it was actually upsetting to watch. I honestly think if we keep them until the end of their natural lives when one dies the other will soon follow because of heartbreak and depression.

I think about how our rats might end up with someone else, or maybe just back at a pet store and never go to a loving home because of how most people view them. Same with our snakes, especially Cassandra because she's still really spooky and tends to strike out when we're handling her and I know a lot of people who want snakes won't take one that is prone to striking. It's not her fault, she just wasn't handled a lot and needs to get used to it.

I am healthier because of them all put together. Mentally because of all the above, physically a little because I'm less stressed and thus don't binge eat and sometimes walk the dog and all that. My life is better because of the animals in it, 100%


Social clinicians contend that pets are regular objects of human connection, being effectively open, dynamic, and friendly. As my UMass associate and connection specialist Paula Pietromonaco put it, pets are "the perfect connection figures." It bodes well, at that point, to think about our sentiments toward these prepared and willing connection figures utilizing comparative techniques that we use to focus in on the idea of human-human connections.

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Connection hypothesis was as of late evaluated by an example of social clinicians in a casual study as brain research's most critical hypothesis in brain science. A derivate of psychodynamic hypothesis, the connection point of view recommends that individuals fluctuate in the manner in which they identify with the key figures in their lives. As grown-ups, we reproduce the connections we had with our guardians when we were babies with the general population in our lives who as of now possess the middle of everyone's attention. Utilizing polls, connection hypothesis specialists measure what they call "connection style" or "connection introduction" in which they look at the examples of assumptions regarding a relationship, feelings, and practices that individuals create through their relationship history. Connection style conforms to what scholars call the interior working model, or, in other words you think about the vital figures throughout your life.

Our connection styles are obvious in the manner in which we identify with these inner working models. In the event that we see these models with uneasiness, we stress that our accomplices won't be accessible and steady when we require them thus endeavor to stay as near them as could be allowed. On the off chance that we are high on the measurement of avoidant tension, we doubt our accomplices and attempt to stay as independent as would be prudent. Connection style isn't an identity "quality" as much as it is an introduction and it can shift by connection objects. Your particular position on the two connection measurements can contrast concerning sorts of connections, for example, family, companions, and sentimental accomplices.