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Which toys are safe for kids?
How can you make sure the toys you give your kids are safe?

Minors should have fun with the appropriate toy to avoid accidents and injuries to regret.


Even so, risks are taken.

Undoubtedly, toys are one of the best gifts we can give a child, not only at Christmas but on any day of the year. So that they can learn and develop their learning capacity, the ideal is that they have the right one.

However, in some cases, minors arrive at the emergency services due to injuries or accidents related to the use of toys. Neglecting them for a few seconds can mean a danger to children.

To reduce these injuries, some recommendations can be taken into account to ensure that they are safe and that children play without risk to their health. Remember the following before giving something to play for your child.

When you were a kid, what kind of toys were you most liked to have?

Dolls / action figures

Meza Games

Carts or dollhouses


In some toys, you can see in part in front of the package, the recommended age for use.

Indications for toys:

- Buy toys appropriate to the child's age. Most toys have old recommendations on the packaging. The warning that a toy is not suitable for children under 36 months is important, since the toy may contain small pieces that a small child could choke on.

- Keep small pieces, such as batteries and round objects such as marbles, magnets, small balls and coins out of the ground and out of reach of children under 3 years, since they tend to put objects in their mouths find

- Separate the toys of children under 3 years old from the toys of older children and store them in different places.

- Supervise games with balloons. Collect the pieces immediately and remove them from the reach of children.

Most children like balloons but plastic can be dangerous for them. Photo: flickr.com

- Throw away the packaging, especially plastics, as small children could suffocate.

- Use security measures when they exist (helmets, protectors, etc.).

- Periodically check the toys for flaws (chips, loose parts, battery covers, etc.).

- If the toy contains pieces that move, make sure that the child does not stick their fingers with the mechanism.

- If you have straps or ropes, you have to check that they are not long enough to wrap around the child's neck.

Small, loose parts can cause suffocation. Photo: fundacionmicasa.cl

- If the toy has paint, varnish or a layer of any other element, verify that it is not toxic and that it is designed to be used by children.

- In the use of accessories for children such as cribs, high chairs, strollers and chairs, changing tables, bunk beds, it is convenient to review their safety rules, both when purchasing them and when using them.

- It can be used to give games that encourage physical activity and help children not spend more than 1 hour followed by sedentary activities.

- Remember that it is not recommended that children under 2 spend time in front of a screen and children from 2 to 4 years not more than one hour a day.


How to choose safe child toys

There are millions of toys on the market today. And hundreds of new toys produced each year. And every year there are also a number of children who are hospitalized because of their toys. Parents should always pay attention to the label printed on the child's toy packaging, both the details of the material used as well as the age category recorded on the toy packaging.

Because in addition to the harmful substances contained in toys that can endanger children in their growth and development in a gradual and long period, there are also dangers that lurk from the use of toys that do not fit the age category, namely choking hazard.

In western countries such as the United States, there is a commission that oversees and regulates the distribution of toys that are safe for children. Like the material made and the origin of the toy. And to circulate in America, the toy must meet all the standards that have been set.