Is there any chance that Ether could surpass Bitcoin in the future?

There is always a chance for that to happen. The real question is how high the chances are. If you are extremely bullish on Ether's future like Sarah Bergstrand, the Bitbull Capital COO, that could happen as soon as 2025. Bergstrand thinks Ether could be worth $100,000 by 2025.

Some like Sagi Bakshi and Lex Sokolin predict that ETH could rise as high as $19,842 by 2025 and that by the end of 2022 it could be the most widely transacted cryptocurrency due to its expanding utility in the marketplace. 

The biggest upgrade being eyed by investors is EIP-1559, which will overhaul the transaction fee system used by Ethereum. Instead of sending fees to miners who complete tasks on the network, users will send the fee to the network itself, which will destroy the fee, reducing overall supply and subsequently increasing the value of the currency.