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What is your idea of Quality sleep and how can I improve my quality sleep?

My idea of quality sleep is being able to sleep for at least 7 hours. Although, it's hard to get a 7 hour sleep but then, if you sleep and feel relaxed, I think that can be said to be a quality sleep.

Try sleeping earlier than your usual sleep time or waking up a little earlier than normal.


There are man things to do to have quality sleep or to improve your quality sleep.

By sleeping on a long duration like 8-9 hours per day will increase your quality sleep.

By drinking a lot of water also can help you to improve your quality sleep.

By avoiding disturbances or noise when sleeping also can help you to improve your quality sleep.

By sleeping early and not late. Sleep around 8-9pm using my country time and waking up 6-7am is a good timing to improve your quality sleep.

By following this tips, definitely you will see an improvement in the quality ofyour sleep and i hope this helps.



My idea of quality sleep is being able to acquire sleep for a period of at least 6 hours every night. By doing this you will discover that you will be more healthier and your appearance will tell that you are living a healthy life.

Being able to sleep for Six hours or more at night is what is referred to as quality sleep.

To be able to acquire quality sleep, one must eat healthy food which is also known as balanced diet. One must avoid sleeping late and m sleep on time to be able to achieve quality sleep. If one finds it difficult to sleep at night then doctor's prescription for sleeping pills is advised.


I heard from my teacher long time ago when I was a kid that the right sleep should be at least 8 hours per day. Until now I still believe on that. As I have experienced the quality sleep is when you remembered that you'd had a dream. Which means you really fell asleep. I can also say it's a good quality sleep if you feel better and relax after waking up.


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Quality sleep for me is min 6 hours and max 8 hours and I should sleep by 10 PM and wake up at 6 AM. Waking up relaxed and ready for the day is such a great feeling. I can get so much more done during the day. 

The way to improve quality of sleep is to not intake any caffeine after 4 or even alcohol. Try and eat light, so that your stomach aint bloated before sleeping and reduce water intake 2 3 hours before sleeping to prevent waking up. 


Sleeping on time and also waking on time, of course,if you sleep on time, you'll definitely wake up on time.

You can say to have a quality sleep, if you have your complete 8hours sleep. It's so wrong to sleep late, then wake up early. You're causing havoc to your health.

Don't starve yourself.

You don't expect to have a quality sleep when you are seriously hungry. Feed well and sleep well.

I think if you can do these few things, your quality sleep will be assured.


I believe a quality sleep is a kind of sleep that is void of bad dreams,a quality sleep that is void of feeling depressed after waking up....a quality sleep is when i am able to peacefully sleep for several hours at least seven hours...

You can improve your quality of sleep through good diet and fitness training..

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