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It is said that Love can make an individual extraordinary. Will Hatred likewise make an individual incredible?


Well, we would have to define “incredible”.

True, hatred has driven many individuals throughout history to perform great feats. Empires have fallen or conquered thanks to the hatred ruling the mind and hearts of some leaders; inventions have been materialized thanks to the hateful ambitions that have propelled people’s curiosity or resourcefulness.

In any case, incredible may be read as hard to believe, in which case, true, some people have done or endured “hard to believe” circumstances thanks to the hatred that fed or consumed (you may argue) their souls.

Incredible can also mean good or beautiful, in which case hatred may not make a good ingredient to produce something we may label as good or beautiful, hate being associated with destruction, aggressiveness and basic instincts.

I am guessing by the contrasting elements in the question and the common synonym that you wonder whether or not hate can drive people to achieve great things, just as love can. I’d say no, in general terms. It may be the case at the individual level.

I don’t think that historians would agree that hate helped build great societies or achieve progress or promote high universal values. The American Civil War was not won by the north thanks to the hate they felt for the South or whatever the South represented (hate might have driven individuals or even groups). As a whole, most would agree that it was the love for the country, for the union, for the values represented by the founding fathers and the master documents that rule the American dream/ideal what allowed the North to win and reconstruct accordingly (regardless of the end-results).

It would be wrong to assume, for instance, that the Jews that survived the holocaust did it driven by the hate they felt for the Nazis (it might be the case on an individual basis). Most would agree that they survived driven by their faith, their resiliency, their hope to see their families, their names, their culture and religion survive.

In general terms, hate tends to consume the haters and those affected by their actions. Like violence, it only breeds more hate. Dislike, disgust and prejudice cannot be values or qualities on which we can found any significant achievement or human aspiration.  



Yes, if Love can make someone extraordinary, then hatred can as well make someone incredible. Hatred makes one act unruly, in a wicked behaviour against whom he'she hates. It makes one think vile and evil thoughts towards whom he hates. 

Just as love makes you want to do crazy positive things for your partner, so also, hatred makes you want to do crazy negative things against the person that you hate.

Hatred makes an individual incredible.


Hatred make someone incredible.

I do not think it would make them a good person in the long term. They may during their hatred find solutions to things we want to find solutions too. Without this hatred, they may never have found a solution we later gain use of.

In more circumstances, the outcome would be negative I think. Simply because the hatred will blind the person to seeing the advantages something may hold. Even with the development of something that could benefit everyone. This may never happen because of the hatred. In seeing that someone disliked might benefit too from this. a person filled with hate would not develop this idea. Preferring to see the one he hates suffer. Other's too will suffer because of this personal bias.

Although it may happen that something incredible could happen from this. Something made to make life harder for one turns out to make life better for all. It does not make the individual an incredible person.

An incredible feat does not determine the incredibility of the person. A person filled with hatred loses focus, gets trapped in their own web of ill feeling. To make them incredible, would be to have them forgive, (forgiving does not mean forgetting). 


The power is in the force of the the reason. It becomes a motive for the actions and sometimes, in extreme cases, it is the reason for existence.

Hate is a very strong decision; a decision to remove every form or iota of goodwill from the heart towards the person. The moment it is confirmed to one that he or she hates someone, all they want is to hurt the other person.

It is said that hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned. The reason for her fury and her hellish ways is her hatred.

The power of hatred can only be overcome by the power of love.

Yes, hatred is powerful but love is much more powerful.

That's the good news


Yea..it could. A person can give the same measure of hatred, as he did when he was loving.

He could do dangerous things when he is hating;

Just as he would have done the best things, if he were to be in love .

Hatred likewise make an individual to do incredible things.


Oh yes. Absolutely. Incredibly by all mens. Incredibly stupid... ;)