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Where did Adam and Eve's sons get their wives? I have heard people talk about this for years without a clear answer?

Before the Law of Moses marrying your sibling would not have been considered wrong. 

The Bible describes that Adam and Even had Sons and many more daughters.

So they would have married one of their many Sisters. Abraham was married to his half sister.

The FBI uses genetic technology that traces all human genes all the way back to one mother thousands of years ago. DNA is so accurate that none has the same arrangement as you. So if someone has your DNA on them, you will have an impossible time proofing them wrong. No one will take you seriously, Because it is such a trusted science

So before the law of Moses they did not know about the sin of incest. One thing you must remember is that their DNA held all the information and possible mutations that we see in people today. From different skin color, eye color, hair length and how it grows. Their Genes were incredibly resilient, but nation groups have intermarried and certain mutations now weaken the person and put them at risk for many ailments.

We should actually be marrying people that are as far away from our nation group for  healthy mutation free offspring.

Please watch Genesis Apologetic on Youtube. You can download their app on you app store or google play. They answer all these hard questions. Including Noah's ark, Dinosaurs, Fossils and Jonah and the Whale.

I hope this satisfied your question. It is an awesome time to be a believer and modern science is only supporting our case. 


In the nearby town.

Where did the town come from if Adam and Eve were the first People?

That is a great question!

You need to read extrabiblical sources to learn that, and read between the lines as well.

Adam, in the jewish texts is indeed the first man.

Eve however, not so much.

As you remember, Eve was created from Adams rib.

But even in the bible you have two creation stories. In one, the man and the woman were created together as eauals and then there's another where man was created first and then woman was made out of him to be his wife and serve him.

Obviously, that cannot be talk about the same female in both cases.

While the story was edited so much that the entirety of the context was not preserved.

According to sources, the First mate to Adam was Lilith.

Who after breaking up with Adam, because she didn't want to be subserviant to him, left the garden and pursued happiness another place.

Remember, there's np exact timeline between Lilith, creation of Eve, and the fruit incident.

It is supposed, that at the time God banishes the two, the Earth was already populated.

By whom?

Well, Lilith's spawn.

Who's the father or fathers?

Well, fallen angels, demons, and giants.

Just the kind of creatures bible mention the flood was designed to wipe out.

And Noah and his sons were supposed to be the last males in direct bloodline to Adam left in the world.

It's an absolutely fascinating fictional story.


Their sisters