Which bitcoin wallet do you recommend from your own personal experience?

Hi Jimberg.

So depending on which coin you would like to purchase or if you plan to later increase your portfolio.

Personally I use blockchain


1. Blockchain unlike most wallets that require you keeping tabs of your phrase words to log in or to recover your account if for any reason it was stollen or you simply formatted your device, does not require those.

2. The requirement to login is your wallet id and password, the wallet id was sent to your email during registration, so you always have access to it.

3. Blockchain can be easily accessible via the web format or if you use a mobile device, you can link your account to your mobile device as well, giving you access to your bitcoin any and everywhere.

4. On mobile, you can easily use a 4 digits password to lock the app, in which case you don't need to always input your wallet id or your password or you need is your 4 digits password.

5. Apart from been able to store btc, it also stores ethereum and bitcoin cash and recently they added stellar XLM.

The above coins are usually important, eth and btc if you into trading as it gives you access to your fund instantly.

We sill have other wallets available, **coinomi**, it saves a wide range of coin but unlike blockchain it requires a phrase for you to gain access to the app if for any reason you formatted or misplaced your device.

I think the best is blockchain due to the reasons I mentioned above.


I'm using Jaxx as my Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet, and I've been very pleased by it. Didn't come across any issues yet, and it does what I expect it to do, apart from doubling the amount of Bitcoins in my wallet overnight, but hey, if you find a wallet that does that, let me know! ;-)


When it comes to Store Crypto I usually go for Exodus. I am the owner of the My Crypto's rather than if I put them in an exchange. While there are security issues like if you loose your computer than you might loose your crypto as well.

Use Hardware wallets like TREZOR. It is a physical wallet and the safe as far as it seems. So no risk like putting your crypto in an exchange where you have no private keys for your funds.

While in Terms of quick exchange if one is not able to use the above than I personally use Blockchain.info rather than any Exchange. When I am not in touch with my desktop than I usually go for Blockchain.info and use it in occasion as well. It is not super safe but it does the work.


I have been using the Mycelium wallet for quite some time now on my mobile device and I am really happy with it.  I had a relative gift me some bitcoin around the holidays last year and this is the wallet that he recommended. It has been very stable and I have had zero problems with it besides the price of BTC tanking!

It is easy to use and easy to backup.  It is also easy to access when you need it.  Personally I think it is a great place to start and I would totally recommend it to anyone.


Perhaps one of the oldest players in the Bitcoin wallet market is Electrum. Created in November 2011 by Thomas Voegtlin, it has since been modified by several developers (the code is open source). Electrum is a client-based wallet, which means it is the software that you download and run from your computer. Currently it is only available for desktop computers.

Electrum prides itself on the following benefits:

Fast: the client does not download the block chain, requests that information from a server. No delays, always up to date.

Sure: your private keys are encrypted and never leave your computer. Your wallet can be recovered from a secret phrase. You can also keep your private keys offline and connect online with a wallet just to see.

Private: your private keys are not shared with the server. You do not have to trust the server with your money. Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your computer. The server does not store user ...