What is the point of living if you are an atheist?
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Great question you've got there!!

I think you're making the assumption that people require a supernatural being or the belief in a supernatural being to validate their existence when in fact they don't. What a person decides to live for is their choice and it's independent of whether or not they believe in God or not.

If you ask me, atheists enjoy life alot more than religious people do because they aren't constrained by the beliefs that religious people are constrained by. They're free to decide for themselves what they feel is right and wrong and the only constraints they have are the moral standards that they put on themselves.

As far as I'm concerned, they have alot to live for, they can live for themselves, their friends and family and anything that makes them happy. I see no reason why not believing in God should mean that they shouldn't have anything to live for. The world is a free place and we all have a right to believe in what we believe in, even if it's to not believe in any God whatsoever.

If you ask me, in the eyes of a person that belongs to a particular religion, an atheist will probably be no different from someone else that doesn't believe the same God that they do, because if infact it's their God that's the true God then the atheist will face the same punishment the other person will.

I think maybe you should just take a second, stop and think and consider just how your life would be if you didn't believe in God, ask yourself what exactly about your life would still make you want to continue living and I think you'll understand how it is for atheists.

I hope this helps.

What a strange question and Im not sure exactly how my reason for living, or life in general is linked to religious belief but I'm going to take this on as I have zero belief in any form of religion and am happy to share with you what I think life is about as you so kindly asked :-)

I genuinely believe that there is no designed reason for life. No pre-destined plan and that all life on earth is an entirely random result of the mixing of some chemicals in an absolute accidental and non deliberate situation. 

There is NO reason for being!

So, I have reason to live is the exact answer, I have zero specific purpose. But I WANT to, why?

Because I kinda quite like living mostly. Generally its fun, I love to see all the other random stuff that just happened at some point in history like mountains and oceans. I love meeting and talking to other random people who also don't have a specific purpose, some of them are really nice!

I also give myself things to do and challenge myself to try new things and try to be nice to other people because some people weren't as lucky at me, and their random appearence on earth was in a much more difficult situation than mine so I believe, due to the way evolution has developed my human thinking over the years that we should take care of the less fortunate members of our species and the other life on earth that definitely lost out in the random of game of life.

Worms for example....they would have a hard time finding a reason to live, they are not religious, but you don't see them queuing up to jump over a cliff because they don't have a reson to live!

This big question of why we are here is one of the reasons religion was created and exists today as humans have this inquisitive mind which seeks answers and needs to have reasons all the time for everything. Humans get stressed if they don't have answers and as such, religion simply invented them to keep control over a restless populace. People also stress about death and are scared of dying. No other living thing has this level of conciousness.

Don't you think it odd how one can see a correlation between a decline in religion and technological and scientific advances. As we answer questions, the need for religion is reduced.

There is no reason for being other than the challenges you place upon yourself. There most likely isn't a god, so live, enjoy  your good fortune at being born and stop worrying about death. Death is Life, and life is fucking brilliant :-)


You are, and your interaction with other people. Being an atheist, you do good for yourself and for other people because you want to. Because you want to create a heaven on earth for yourself, and for the people around you. And if everyone does that, the world would be a safe and pleasant place.

What is the point of living if you are a christian/ muslim/ catholic/ scientologist?

A couple of freethinkers have cheery cerebrum science!

I appreciate for what reason you're asking. I was just eating with a nice buddy, and expected to keep myself from direct provoking him.

He will church tomorrow, to adulate the incredible rebuilding of Jesus.

To which I expected to state, "You should screw kidding me..."

Moreover, "You do comprehend that there are three records of that story in the Bible, and none of them are lucidly consistant with each other, other than how the entire story is about as possible as the Easter Bunny being honest to goodness? You do comprehend this??"

Furthermore, "Those records were created by Greek scientists, you know this, isn't so? Likewise, those specialists weren't even alive in the midst of the asserted 'reclamation', so they certainly weren't there when it happened, and for the prosperity of fuck, no one that could've been there, with Jesus, would've been writing in Greek."

Moreover, "These things, these unpretentious components, exhibit to me that you're absolutely screwing absurd to believe that this individual, a supposed Son of God, was brought restored, zombie-style...you're senseless to confide in it, and you're fantasizing to celebrate- - "

It's self-evident, this is simply the place I stopped, from voicing my supposition (which is REALLY screwing troublesome for me to do). It's the praising thing that propelled me to stop.

My buddy needs a system. He needs a consideration gathering, a family, a collection of people to give a story to.

We all in all need different things. A couple of us be religious for political reasons, or social reasons, or just to feel perfect with the world. As much as I expected to criticize my buddy, it would've been a dickhead move, since he finds happiness in religion and he needs the framework.

The motivation behind living? Everything considered, this comes down to mind science more than religion. For anyone, skeptic or theist, with a sensible cerebrum science and a solid sidekick/family candidly steady system, the motivation behind living stuff gets managed.

Heaps of doubters have a huge amount of fun, they work, they play, they make and they ingest their general environment. I'm enchanted by the reliably contemplates of life, the difficulty, everything considered, the associations, the bugs and plants and cars and PCs and so on so on so on....

Regardless, a couple of nonbelievers, much the equivalent as a couple of theists, are terrible. Their lives are unfilled, and they don't see a colossal point in living.

Studies have exhibited that there's a relationship among's fulfillment and faith in higher forces. Theists will when all is said in done be better prepared to adjust to crisis, passing, and affliction. I have an issue with those examinations, regardless, since I trust there's moreover a relationship among's understanding and suspicion, and information and discouragement. The examinations, apparently, aren't exhaustive or wrap up.