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Do you think dreams have any meaning?

This is a lovely question!!!

dream is a succession of ideas, emotions, Images and sensations that normally occur involuntarily in the mind during sleep

To answer your question, some dreams have a lot of meaning, while some may not have meaning at all.

Sometimes, dreams occur during sleep because of things you took to heart ♥ too much. For example, when you keep grudges with someone you hated, or someone you just fought with, and you decided not to forgive the person, but anytime you see the person around, you kept on hating the person the more, believe me, you will use that person to dream. This happens a lot, because you kept bad feelings in your heart.

Sometimes, too, dreams occur during sleep because you have worn your body out. For example, if you are stressed out as result of work, and you don't give yourself enough rest, you might likely dream in the night, and the dream you dreamt at time time may not be clear, or you might even quickly forget it.

Moreover, some dreams have meaning. Some dreams occur during sleep to warn you of what will happen in the nearest future. Based on my parent's experience, she told me that she had a dream about her friend travelling to a particular place, and on the way he had a terrible accident, so she decided to warn the person, because she knows that any dreams about warning ⚠ in life should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately for the person, he had a serious CAR 🚗 accident. The person did not adhere to her warning ⚠, because the place he was travelling to was very paramount.

Believe me friend, some dreams have meaning just like the story I just shared with you, while some do not have meaning, maybe because of overwhelming emotion or situation we undergone  through at a particular point. Such situation for example, like you lost your close friend, and you couldn't remove it from your mind at that very time such happens, you might dream of that person because you didn't let go of such horrible situation which seemed to baffle you.

I hope this helps???



Dreams are literally a very coherent message from your psyche. The psyche has become additional of a mystery because the human species has become progressively civilized. the results of civilization on our species manifests as a rising level of concern and misunderstanding of our psyche.

Many people ar comfy telling America that dreams haven't any which means, however the testimony of innumerable those that have had their dreams decoded effectively utterly refute this. Dreams ar messages that return encoded within the language of symbolism, so that they seem as hokum to America. nevertheless once one employs associate degree analysis of the symbols the message clearly comes into read.

Those folks  haven't nevertheless learned that using our intuition (that facet of our mind that's needed to ferret the which means of a symbol) doesn't got to return at the expense of our reasoning mind, have long been convinced of absolutely the and beautiful brilliance of the dreaming mind. Intuition is associate degree expertise that happens to America, and reason are some things we have a tendency to initiate to method what is going on to America. So, each might prosper if we have a tendency to permit them to.

No one ought to ever got to believe that what a dream analyst or interpreter tells them is thus. this is often most significant to grasp. they must be able to clearly see for themselves what the which means is that if the analyst was productive. If you can't grasp what your dream means that. when associate degree interpretation/analysis you've got not nevertheless had a good analysis.

Also, you must perceive that each dream incorporates a which means, although it's not necessary to urge each dream understood. Dreams hold insight (an summary of our circumstances) and one will solely create use of such a lot insight before we'd like to implement the insight we have a tendency to ar given.



I do believe is something is on your mind constantly and you dream about it you are trying to resolve it.

Not all dreams have messages but the important ones do. I normally don't remember my dreams but the ones that mean something or are trying to tell you something you do.

Not all dreams are pleasant and are more nightmares. I personally wouldn't over analyze anything major but it could be a subtle message.


Most times you can get to dream of stress you have in your life or in your day, they can become problems that you do not want to have, they manifest as in a nightmare.

Some dreams can have some meaning, such as:

Lottery: Any dream that has to do with the lottery predicts problems in the house.

Dance: Announcement of happiness if the occasion seems pleasant or pleasant.

Money: It can be several, if we buy, pay or lend money means that we are in a position of power, when somebody give us money is also a good omen, if you do not feel inferiority, when you dream of losing money you are linked to the affective, it can be  that in this case the money is linked to a relationship.

There are many more, but for me, they have meanings.

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Absolutely. I believe, that dreams are a way our subconscious works on solving problems, and cluing us in, to answers and perspective. 

Some also believe there is a spiritual aspect to dreams, with mysticism being more a factor than subconscious cognition's.

I'm not opposed to either theory. I've had recurring nightmares in the past that I couldn't figure out. Eventually I did something I needed to do, and the purpose of the recurring nightmares became crystal clear. Simply put, without getting into explicit detail, I needed to forgive, confront, and part ways with someone who abused me early in life. 

I believe the nightmares guided me to this action, and I was unaware of the influence until I completed the mission. I no longer have the nightmares. 


Nope, i dont think so.

In my view, Dream is only illusion. I mean dreams when sleeping, not dreams about the future or achieving something higher. 


For me, it has. 

Dreams are sometimes the desire you wanted that you couldn't open it up or the things that you like/love/want but you keep it within yourself. In short, hidden desires.

It is reflected on your dreams for you to be okay and be able remove those toxicity in your mind.

Dreams are manifestation of the "Unconscious Part" of our body connecting the brain and the soul. That's why if you noticed, the things that you dream are actually the things that has happened to you, happened to you at the moment, or what will happen to you in the future.


I trust, that dreams are a way our regular administers overseeing issues, and instructing us, to answers and perspective.

Some also perceive there is a superb point of view to dreams, with extraordinary quality being more a factor than normal cognition's.

I'm not bound to either speculation. I've had repeating unpleasant dreams in the past that I couldn't understand. Over the long haul I achieved something I anticipated that would do, and the purpose for the conventional awful dreams pushed toward winding up completely clear. In a general sense, without plunging into unequivocal detail, I predicted that would exculpate, go up against, and run separate courses with someone who misused me from the get-go for the range of standard step by step nearness.

I believe the unpleasant dreams guided me to this improvement, and I was careless of the effect until the point that I completed the mission. I never again have the appalling dreams.


Of course, a dream does not emerge ex nihilo, it necessarily corresponds to something among the information that the brain is processing. Dreams are often rich in symbols, which play a role similar to that of a keyboard shortcut on a computer.

However, interpreting dreams is often a speculative exercise, since we can not access the history of the mental processes that gave birth to it. In some circumstances, such as trauma, it is possible to interpret them with near certainty as the patterns and symbols are talking, but this remains a minority of cases.


Yeah I think have a lot of meaning in our life. Dream are the one thing that keeps you alive in your happy life. I think dreams makes you powerful and alive in life to achieving goal and always try to consistency. 

I love to make dreams and i have so many pretty dreams, I struggled day night to achieving my goal. And I believe one day I got my all dream. Every person's life they have some dreams and goals which they always trying to achieve.