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What do you think is the true purpose of life?
Money, family, knowledge? what do you think is the real reason why we are alive or why we should stay alive? Beyond family, money is there something that actually makes sense to be alive.

The true purpose of life is to get liberation from the cycle of birth and death and that is why you have been gifted with a human body and your soul should feel grateful to the almighty for this and the liberation is possible only when you get a human life as other animals do not have that ability to get enlightened but with a human body, you can achieve that. However for that you have to do a lot of hard work and you should do a lot of hard work in practicing meditation and from there the journey will start and one day you will be through with enlightenment and you also need a master for that who can show you the correct path.

It is in  other words known as the inward journey of soul and in this path your consciousness will shift from body consciousness to soul consciousness and you will start feeling much lighter and your can feel the godliness within you and you will be an ocean of calmness when your soul itself will be an observer.

All the materialistic things are of no use in the greater domain of the universe and all the other aspects like money, family or any other materialistic things are temporary in nature and those requirement should be limited to take care of this body only and not to get too much attached to that and the real journey is your journey of soul.


True Purpose of Life?

Because there are many ways to answer this while remaining relevant and sincere, I will contribute some that come to mind. 

For truth that is not confined or limited, we have to step beyond  language to read between the lines.

1. To realize that there are no final answers, only opportunity to live in the moment and experience awareness, perhaps finding ways to expand on it. 

2. To face the challenge of finding oneness, wholeness in the sum of parts, especially when they appear to conflict. And to carry on without losing what you managed to find.  

3. To offer every conscious living thing the opportunity to participate; to add to the movement of life, and to do so while preserving ones own without obstructing participation by others. That may be easier said than done, but it is very important.

4. To get lost, spend the bulk of ones life striving to find their way home and learn some things along the way. 

5. To give every individual, at least as far as people are concerned, a mission- to contribute the power within toward furthering life while taking action on every chance to break the path of it´s destruction;  the choking out of simplicity, the strategies to limit choice, indulging advantages when this will take freedom and quality of life from others (being spoiled and irresponsible).

Perhaps the meaning of life is such gratitude that you give back by actively opposing the campaigns of the dead (those whom have sold their life) to reduce our days to either a contest of power and self serving domination, or purpose limited to feeding ones power to the black hole that the dead have created.

Said another way... To relieve some of their assumed responsibility to serve the interests of one while judging and restricting others who pursue a different path, because given time, alternate means may well have revealed another key to expanding life faster than it will continue erode under the authority of ignorance.

The meaning of life may be to know the power you have in living, to break illusions,  taking every seemingly small opportunity that comes your way to expand life affirming awareness, like this one. What you have, you create more of. Choose what you have. This is what you have to give. Choose life. 


This is really a very important question everyone is supposed to ask themselves about life because there are a lot of people who don't know their purpose in life and why they exist .

Answering this question based on my belief as a Christian.

God created us for a reason,we are born into this world because of purpose, everybody came into this world with his or her own purpose inside of him or her.

Purpose has to do with God's plan for you,it's the sole reason God brought you into this world and it's the most important thing in your life .

Everybody purpose are different and unique and it's our responsibility to discover your purpose which is inside of you and fulfill it..

The only way as Christiains you can be able to discover your God given purpose in life is through the Bible that is feeding and growing in the things of the spirit.

It's so sad today that what most people called their purpose in life is just their own ambition.

So the true purpose in life is to live for God and not living for ourselves because we were created by him and for him.

Colossians 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: 1:17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.


The only purpose life has for us is the purpose we want to accept as true. You can be told about several truths about life's purpose but they will never matter unless you start believing in them. 

From a biological aspect, the only purpose humans exist is to reproduce and continue to thrive as a species. Ideas that there is something more to this are social abstracts to reduce ideas the we live purposelessly. 


Life” is supposed to be enjoyed happily. My purpose of life might be totally different from yours and your purpose are going to be totally different from others.

the aim of life constitutes a philosophical question regarding the aim and significance of life or existence normally.

There are an oversized range of answers to those queries from totally different cultural and philosophic backgrounds. “Life” isn't for a purpose, however there area unit functions for “Life”.

Finally, till you discover the aim of your “Life”, you're living a lifetime of mediocrity. Rise and be nice, do nice stuff you were meant to try and do. Look deep within you, realise what's your life's purpose and your that means of life; after you do notice the aim behind, you discover yourself to be a larger person than you ever unreal yourself to be.

The world you reside in can ne'er be an equivalent and also the opportunities life throws at you, are going to be extensive. The that means and purpose of Life are going to be clear


I believe the purpose of life is to stay happy and live a good life...


i believe the true purpose of life is to ensure that we touch lives in our society,we should ensure that we try to always create peace amongst people,we should ensure that we do our best to stop violence and always promote unity,i believe that the purpose of life is to build a family and make ourselves happy...


To actually ensure you leave behind a legacy

basically, we all simply exist as a component of this universe, unnoticed, unheard, inconspicuous.

Sounds strange right?

That is it. There is no reason to our lives. Truth be told, our lives don't make a difference much for this universe. You are only an exceptionally inconsequential piece of it. We live and by living, we pass on. That is it.

So what for truly would we say we are for the most part here?

We are here so we can make something. We are here so we can give a genuine reason to our lives. Truly on the grounds that without that, our lives are negligible! The importance of life is to give life a significance. So while you're here, break the boundaries. Don't simply exist, Live. Experience your life.

What do I extremely mean by living?

On the off chance that you add the accompanying things to your reality, old buddy, at that point I wagered you have carried on with an actual existence, and not simply existed.

While you're existing, If you :

Be there for somebody. Adore them.

Discover your enthusiasm and given it a chance to slaughter you. Work for something that you accept is extraordinary work.

Make sense of your lives. Comprehend yourself. Would could it be that you've extremely needed out of this life? Invest energy with yourself, with the ones who matter.

Have desire. Side interests. Experience every one of them up. Like voyaging? Go on a visit. Painting? Take it up. Seek after it. Do each and every thing that you've for the longest time been itching to, that is entranced you.

Be caring. Truly! Be that. Just a real existence lived for others is a real existence advantageous. Quit seeking after your own ulterior intentions. Figure out how to look above yourself. Try not to be so distracted with your ownselves. You will end up being an empty individual. There's no utilization of that. You work, you fulfill your necessities, gain cash and one day, bite the dust! That is called as a flawlessly useless life. While I ought to be not be misconstrued as proliferating a philanthropy. No! What I mean is work, win, do that. In any case, while, doing as such increase the value of the general public. Figure out how to look behind. There is enduring in this world. Figure out how to give back. Don't simply continue taking. From this world. From this general public. Give, give back. Trust me, there is enormous bliss in giving back.

Be a human and by being human, I mean be empathetic. Be touchy. Turn an understanding ear to this current world's anguish. Help decrease it by doing your bit. By whatever limit.

Make an amazing most, develop through your life. Submit botches. Learn. Advance. Try not to be hesitant to fall flat. Come up short. Bomb as much as you can. Get back up.

Take pride in yourself. Cherish yourself. Esteem yourself. Have a good time.

Be your very own legend. Life is extreme. It etches out us, it refines us