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There's been a slight change in the musing.io curating style and more question are now curated, what do you think could've caused this? And what do you think of this?

I think that only a few of the questions were curated before because to be honest the quality of the questions was very poor.

The questions need to be of  a certain standard for decent answers to happen and then it makes curating easier. Some of the questions didn't even make sense and were of such poor English that it took you a while and the answer was a guess if that was in fact the answer required.

Curating on questions is hard as like today again I see 4 questions in a row on the same subject. That means whoever asked those didn't exactly put much effort and thought into it. Should they be curated? I see it more a spamming and if I was curating ignore them.


I think it is because the moderators probably realize that questions are probably as important as the answers provided for the overall engagement of the platform.

However, I do not directly link the increase in questions to a decision alone. I think overall the quality of questions have recorded an improvement while user engagement is on the increase.

Furthermore with the extra Steem Power delegation Musing is able to reach out and reward more content as well as execute its vision better.

Overall my opinion is that it is a positive development for the platform as a whole because it encourages users to ask stimulating questions, reducing spam and extending the scope of participation beyond providing answers alone.