Do you believe on the conspiracy theories regarding the Apollo moon landings?

A very good friend of mine here @brotherdave was the first person to introduce me to the controversial American moon landing conspiracy. And after objectively watching the video, I completely believe that the moon landing was fake, in fact, shot in a Hollywood studio. I hold these views for the following reasons:

- The video showed some astronauts descending from a space craft. The big question is, who held the camera?

- Watching the video closely, you'll see the shadows of the landing men. Another question arises, what light is reflecting the shadow considering the position of the moon from the sun?

In conclusion, it is more believable that the American moon landing was staged than to believe that it is genuine and pure.


It's the one conspiracy theory I agree with.

Why make life changing changes in technology and such a massive investment of resources to get people there once, then abandon the effort?


No, I don't believe in the conspiracy that they supposedly landed on the moon. Who could possibly believe in a crazy conspiracy that they landed on the moon in a tin can with no protection that they said was "only as thick as two plys of Reynolds wrap?" Reynolds wrap would of course blow out in the "vaccum of space" as they teach it, so, no I can't believe in the conspiracy that they went to the moon.