If you are a politician, what you prioritize, infrastructure or military?

If I were a politician,I will definitely be prioritizing infrastructure (economy) over Military (defence) growth. My reasons are quite numerous but I will try to summarize and be as direct as I can.

Firstly, Militaristic growth does not in any way benefit the citizens of a nation directly. The only thing militaristic growth does is that it increases the defence capabilities of a nation and possibly enhances the nations respect among the league of Nations. This does not in any way make the nation powerful, prosperous or free from conflict.

Prioritizing infrastructural (economic) growth and development however, sets the tone for improved investments and improved standard of living. An economically prosperous nation also commands respect among the league of nations, perhaps even more than one with just militaristic capabilities.

Furthermore, the more prosperous an economy has been linked with lower internal conflict levels which gives the military less to worry about threatening their integrity.

In addition, an economically prosperous nation is likely to eventually lead to militaristic advancements, as with the case of China, but a militarily advanced nation does not signal economic growth and development like the case of North Korea.


If I was a  politician then I would prioritize military  as opposed to infrastructure because of the falling reason

Number 1 safety of the country -  it's the primary responsibility the politician double essay the country and hence it is the military forces that safeguard borders therefore as a politician  I want to prioritize on building strong borders across the country safeguarding its citizens and strengthening the country military forces.

Number 2 stronger the military forces you have the stronger the nation you are. keeping this in mind as a politician I would first like to focus on tightening and building the military forces of the country because the military forces are the pillars of a country and would definitely like to build it stronger.

Number 3 ensuring that every citizen contributes to the military workforce. As a politician, I would ensure that the citizens of the country spend at least 1 or 2  years of their life in the military forces. This will ensure that people stay close to the military forces and know their dedication towards the country. This will further ensure uniqueness amongst the citizens of the country and this is the power which I would like to build as a politician in the country.

Finally, I would say that infrastructure is also important but considering this dynamic of the world today we need to have strong military forces in our country that empower the country to drive its security across the borders and at the same time the military forces are called out during the rescue for emergency operations. In more simple words I would like to put it as - the military forces are the heart and soul of the country and as a politician, I did like to nourish it as best as I can - for the country and its citizens.