Have you experience an earthquake? What does it felt on your first time noticing that the ground is shaking?
I experienced it when I was in my 2nd semester of my 1st year in college. It was a bit strong and many panic and as for me, I leaned on my classroom’s whiteboard. It was a bit awkward too.
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I have experienced earth quake several times, but the strongest was when I was in Grade 1, I think it was way back year 1990. I was on the playground at that time and playing. Then I felt I can't walk properly and felt dizzy. I never thought it was earthquake, I just thought I'm sick that's why I feel dizzy. Then I heard one of the teachers shouted and say, "Earthquake, please lay on the ground!" So I just sit in the middle of the playground while seeing other children and teachers running around. I was terrified as it's my first time to experience earthquake. I don't remember for how long it takes but maybe it's less than a minute. I have experience several after many years but that was the strongest.