When you’re sick what is first thing you’ll take? Are you going to take synthetic medicine or stick with natural medicine such as herbs in the early stage of sickness?
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When one is sick, it's best to go for a test so as to ascertain what the sickness is before going for the appropriate medication. Self medication without ascertaining what the true sickness is may make the sickness linger for a longer time and probably get worse.

So I think test should be first before medication

I'll take herbal medicine first because it's safer. You can take it without Doctor's advice or prescription. I usually do that just for first aid. But the best decision I do is to go to a Doctor then take the prescribed medicine weather it's synthetic or herbal.

Sometimes I also search online to see what's the best herbal medicine for the illness I have. Because most synthetic drugs especially antibiotics can't be purchase without Doctor's prescription.  

I think most of us do Underestimate the statement which says "prevention is better than cure". We often say such words but only few people put such words into practice. It is very important we prevent ourselves from any form of sickness before we get broken down by the sickness which leads to the use of medicine and other health medications.

We all know that one of the reasons that can make you fall sick is when you get bitten by mosquitoes. I am actually the type who prefer to prevent sickness by making use of my mosquito net before sleeping, I also ensure there is no waste water where mosquitoes can breathe in my environment and I do take local herbs(agbo) occasionally and this is the main reason I don't actually fall extremely sick often. This is because I love preventing myself from such sickness so that I won't be weakened by the sickness if it goes extreme.

If I encounter any severe sickness due to carelessness maybe when I leave my home to other places or when I am too stressed due to work and other activities, I may sometimes fall sick. The level of the sickness actually depends on the type of medication I use. If it is at early stage, I can take natural local herbs as this also helps to combat sickness. If the sickness is at the mid level, I go for anti malaria drugs which helps to bring my body to relief. If the I get very weakened by the sickness I go for injection because it is the fastest way to help me get better even though it may seem to be painful a little bit though 😐.

In conclusion, let's always make sure we prevent ourselves from getting sick by doing the required things necessary before we get overwhelmed by the sickness. Always remember prevention is better than cure.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.