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Do you agree that iphone prices are overrated?

Yes!!!! iPhone prices are definitely overrated the truth is that Apple sells their brand name to you along with their iPhones and that's why it's so expensive. There's a certain social elevation that comes with using an iPhone, especially in places like Nigeria. Some girls are even willing to sell their bodies to get iPhones.

My problem with iPhones is that they offer the same thing or less than what most top tier phone companies offer with their flagship phones but yet they still slam them with prices that are through the roof. The recent iPhones Xs and Xs max are great phones no doubt, but there isn't much of a difference between them and the 2017 iPhone X but yet they are both priced higher than the iPhone X, which by the way is still overpriced.

If I'm being honest, every iPhone apart from the iPhone X wasn't worth buying, apple just kept on bringing out the same phone year after year and saying that they changed a couple of things here and there. Remove the headphone jack and the antenna lines on the iPhone 6 and you have the iPhone 7.

Remove the antenna lines and metal back of the iPhone 6 then replace it with a glass back and voilà, you have the iPhone 8. For years Apple churned out the same phone with the same form factor and then altered one or two things and said it was a brand new phone.

The cameras marginally increased in performance and the battery life was still terrible. The only distinguishable change in performance, battery life, durability and camera performance that I've seen is actually with the new iPhones and even at that the changes aren't exactly noticeable, at least not to the average user.

Another thing that absolutely blows my mind about apple is the fact that they don't include a fast charger in the box when you buy it. Imagine after paying 1,000$ for a phone and then you still have to go and buy a fast charger because apple was too greedy to add one in the box, instead they give you the average charger which will probably get your phone full in two and a half hours while phones like the Huawei mate 20 pro or the OnePlus 6 or even the galaxy note 9 can do that in a fraction of the time and they all come with fast chargers. Infact the OnePlus 6 is less than half the price of the iPhone X.

iPhones are definitely overpriced, but their global fan base is so great that even if you bring a Walkie talkie and tell iOS users that it's the new iPhone, they'll gladly pay more than a thousand dollars for it.

I must say though, the new iPhones, particularly the iPhone Xr are some of the prettiest phones Ive seen lately. I'd have a tough time picking any other phone if my decision was purely based on how pretty a phone is, but the question is, do we buy phones for their aesthetic value or for actual day to day use, and as far as that goes, iPhones are definitely overpriced.

I hope this helps.



All phones are overpriced.

I worked as an importer of phones at one point many years ago and the mark ups are insanely huge.

I had  a look at the Apple site to see what they make per minute and what their profits are per hour every hour 24 hours a day. The latest is they are raking in $5.3 million profit per hour. That is across the board with all of their products.

When I imported phones the cost wasn't as high as they were today but still a phone that had a retail value of $400-500 was only in monetary terms worth $5 for the components.

The excuse is that research and development is very expensive and forces the price of the phone up. I understand that but at what point and what percentage of the sales is enough. Apple are milking the profits and the R and D invested would have been paid back within the first year. Updates won't cost a fortune as that is what drives their volumes. The basics are already there now. Yes they are developing new things and outdoing their competitors but over $5 million an hour is pure greed.

Apple could easily sell their Iphone for half the price and still make a fortune.


I think it depends on consumers too. Even though it is alot more expensive than other brands, consumers still buy due to the exclusiveness of ownership and the bragging rights.

I used to buy i phones but nowadays middle range phones are as good as flagships. I am now using redmi note 4 4gb ram 64 rom memory and it cost around a mere usd 200. So far so good. The thing I love bout android phones is the freedom of customizations u can do. U can put your own songs in this device, install apps without the need of jailbreak.

If I were to really get an iPhone I would wait for the new one to be released and someone will want to own the new one and sell the older model which was just released a year ago at a cheaper price. Well, the next thing is the battery life. After some time of usage, it tends to finish really fast no matter how big it was when it was bought.

The moment the new iPhone gets released, we tend to feel that our version which we currently own isn't as exciting as it used to be. There are some people are super loyal fans of iPhone who buy them as soon as their hot. And then owe their credit cards tons of cash.

If I get a mid range phone, once a few years comes and my android has been outdated, I can just change to a new one without any pain monetarily.


Oh, god yes!!!

First off I would expect to get a phone that the screen did not break every month.  I am an android guy but my wife swears by her apple products. My phone has been running strong for years. hers is constantly in the shop for mic not working, broken screen, it ets batteries like no other. Just a shit product.

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Oh god yes!!! Apple just reintroduces the same phone every year and tack anonther $100 on the price tag and the hipsters eat it up. Please stop paying these rediculous prices for these phones people.